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GCam or Google Camera / Pixel Camera APK port 9.1, GCam APK 9.0, GCam 8.9, 8.8, 8.4 and GCam APK 8.1 has brought 8K video recording, video stabilization modes, Night Sight on Portrait mode.
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November 27, 2023
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5.0 and up
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Pixel Camera APK (earlier known as Google Camera APK) or well known as the GCam APK port which is a mod apk and the default Camera app available on Pixel Phones developed by Google. Latest version is the v9.1.098 for which we also have some Google Camera port APK version built by various developers which can be installed on many Android phones.

The image processing algorithm of the gcam mod apk is so different that other developers have created port of this one, which works on almost all other Android phones out there.

This is the ultimate Google Pixel Camera Port Hub which always provides the latest version and has more than 300 compatible devices in the list. Browse and download a compatible GCam mod from here and experience the magic by yourself!

Our collection is the biggest in comparison to the GCam APK port found on XDA-Developers or any other blog. You can search the entire portfolio of apps try it on your own phone to find the best working Google Camera. The whole credit goes to the developers like: BSG, Arnova8G2, Parrot043, Wichaya, Wyroczen, Nikita, Urnyx05, Zoran, Celso (for his repo of GCam mod) and all others who tirelessly bring these mods of Google Camera for all Android phones.

A humble Request to All Google Pixel Camera apk Users We try to donate as much as possible to the developers. We strive to do so to make the developers’ efforts reachable to everyone at the same time appreciating their efforts. We request all our users to donate as little or as much they can towards their efforts.

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Google Camera / GCam APK Download

What features make the Google Camera APK so good?

You get features like Portrait modeAstrophotography, Top Shot, Night Sight, fast shutter button etc.

Well, the GCam mod apk (or even the original one) has a lot of other features as well, which are listed below:

  • HDR+ (enhanced HDR) – [The rockstar feature of this camera]
  • Portrait Mode with better edge detection
  • Night Sight with better low light photography (available on 6.1.021 and later) – [Most OEMs carried this feature to implement on their cameras after Google Camera introduced this]
  • Night Sight on Portrait mode (8.2.204 and later)
  • Astrophotography feature (version 7.0.009 and later)
    [No other Camera app on Android has this specific feature at all, till now!] To find a good places to shoot in Astro mode, use the Light Pollution Map app
  • Video stabilization modes (version 8.1.101 and later)
  • Lens Blur: otherwise known as Object portrait mode
  • Integrated Google photos and Google lens
  • Frequent faces
  • Supports up to a 60X zoom (only on the GCam MOD)
  • 4k 60 FPS video recording
  • 8K video recording (version 8.8 onward)
  • RAW image capture
  • Cinematic pan (to create movie like effects)

Some Shots from Google Camera APK Mod

Before you install any GCam on your phone, you may like to see what kind of images people have captured on their Android smartphones.

Is it really worth the hype?

Google Camera Image Samples Gallery

Where to Download Google Camera APK Port?

Try it on your phone to believe it, simple as that!

In this hub you get all available GCam APK ports from various developers. You can scroll down through the list and try one or all of these to find the best suitable APK port of Google camera for your phone.

Latest Google Pixel Camera APK Port

[Updated on November 27, 2023]

– Added v9.1.098 BSG GCam Pixel Camera version V0

– Added v9.1.24 AGC GCam Pixel Camera version V6

– Added v9.1.098 Shamim SGCam Pixel Camera version V1_STABLE

– Added v9.1.098 Stock unmodified Pixel Camera extracted from Pixel 8 Pro running on Android 14 update

– Updated v8.9.097 SGCAM gcam port to STABLE_V4

– Updated v8.9.097 BSG gcam port to V3

– Updated v8.8.224 BSG gcam port to V11

– Updated BigKaka AGC v8.8.224 to latest version v2.0

– Updated SGCAM v8.8.224 to latest version v12 by Shamim

– Updated to latest BSG Google Camera APK v8.7.250 v14

– Updated to latest Arnova8G2 Google Camera APK v8.7.250 build Beta4Fix

– Updated to v8.7.250 Stable v1 from Shamim (download link in the below list).

– Added the latest 8.7.165 APK from Pixel 7 Pro (download link in the below list). This app is a stock app as of now which only works on other Pixel devices. I will update once the mod of this comes in this list.


As of now the GCam 8.2 and 8.1 both work on Android 11, and Android 10. If you have a phone running on Android 9 or older, then you should try some of the older versions.

GCam APK port 9.1

GCam port by BSG 9.1.098: Download link

AGC GCam port by BigKaka 9.1.24: Download link

GCam port by Shamim 9.1.098: Download link

Google Camera 9.1 (ONLY for Pixel phones) by Google: Download Link

GCam APK port 9.0

Google Camera 9.0 by BigKaka: Download Link

Google Camera 9.0 by Shamim: Download Link

Google Camera APK 8.9 from various Developers

Google Camera 8.9 by BSG: Download Link

Google Camera 8.9 by Shamim: Download Link

Google Camera APK 8.8 from various Developers

Added the latest gcam port of v8.8.224 by BSG (that supports Android 11) and Shamim

Google Camera 8.8 by BSG: Download Link

Google Camera 8.8 by BigKaka: Download Link

Google Camera 8.8 by Shamim: Download Link

Google Camera APK 8.7 from various Developers

As of now there are various GCam 8.7 version which is the latest version available from few developers.

Google Camera 8.7 by BSG: Download Link

Google Camera 8.7 by Arnova8G2: Download Link

Google Camera 8.7 by Shamim: Download Link

STOCK UNMODIFIED Google Camera 8.7 APK: Download Link

GCam APK 8.6 from various Developers

Google Camera 8.6 by Arnova8G2: Download Link

Google Camera 8.6 by BSG: Download Link (NOTE: As of now this only works on devices running on Android 11 or up)

GCam APK 8.5 from various Developers

Google Camera 8.5 by BSG: Download Link

GCam 8.4 APK port from various Developers

Download Link Download Link

Google Camera 8.4 by Parrot043: Download Link

Google Camera 8.4 by Arnova8G2: Download Link

Google Camera 8.4 by Hasli: Download Link

Google Camera 8.4 by MWP: Download Link

Google Camera 8.3 Download from various Developers

Google Camera APK 8.3 by BSG:
Download Link

Google Camera APK 8.3 by Arnova8G2:
Download Link

Google Camera APK 8.3 by al_ro:
Download Link

Google Camera APK 8.3 by MWP:
Download Link

Google Camera APK 8.3 by PitbulL:
Download Link

Google Camera APK 8.3 by Shamim:
Download Link

Google Camera APK 8.3 Stock version:
Download Link

Google Camera 8.2 Download from various Developers

GCam 8.2 App by BSG:
Download Link

GCam 8.2 App by al_ro:
Download Link

GCam 8.2 App by Parrot043:
Download Link

GCam 8.2 App by Greatness:
Download Link

GCam 8.2 App by the_dise:
Download Link

GCam 8.2 App by MWP:
Download Link

GCam 8.2 App by PitbulL:
Download Link

Google Camera 8.1 Download from various Developers

Earlier I removed this section assuming this is a very old version. But I have added this section back because the Gcam 8.1 APK is one of the most stable version that runs on many Android phones and gives better results than these new versions.

GCam 8.1 by BSG: Download Link

GCam 8.1 by Arnova8G2: Download Link

GCam 8.1 by Nikita: Download Link

GCam 8.1 by Parrot043: Download Link

GCam 8.1 by Urnyx05: Download Link

GCam 8.1 for Samsung Exynos: Download Link

Older Version downloads

There are some Google Camera Mod versions of 8.0, 7.4 or some lower version which can be found from the following download link. Search in the box for the exact version that you are looking for. If it is not found, you can leave a comment below and I will get it for you. Download one of the compatible apk of Google Camera for your phone and see how good or bad it is in comparison to the stock camera app.

Download one of the Google Camera APK for your phone and see how good or bad it is in comparison to the stock camera app.

For low end phone the GCam APK port may not work, so you need to download the Camera Go app.

Device Specific Google Camera App Download

Find the specific OEM, device and a working port of this Camera APK by Google from the below list.

Google Camera APK for Asus Phones

Model nameCompatible GCam APK
Asus Rog 5ROG Phone 5 GCam Port
Asus Rog Phone 5 ProROG Phone 5 PRO GCam Port
ROG Phone 2ROG Phone 2 GCam Port
Zenfone 3Zenfone 3 GCam Port
Zenfone 5zZenfone 5z GCam Port
Zenfone 6Zenfone 6 GCam Port
Zenfone 7 / ProZenfone 7 / PRO GCam Port
Zenfone Max Plus M2Zenfone Max Plus M2 GCam Port
Zenfone Max Pro M1Zenfone Max Pro M1 GCam Port
Zenfone Max Pro M1Zenfone Max Pro M2 GCam Port


GCam Port for Black Shark Phones

Model nameCompatible Port to Download
Black Shark 2Download Link
Black Shark 3Download Link
Black Shark 3 ProDownload Link
Black Shark 3SDownload Link
Black Shark 4 / ProDownload Link


GCam port for Coolpad Phones
Coolpad Note 5 Download Link


Google Camera for Essential Phones
Essential Phone PH-1 Download 1
Download 2


GCam port for Fairphone Phones
Fairphone 3 Download Link


Google Camera APK for Google Phones
Google Pixel Download 1
Download 2
Download 3
Google Pixel XL Download 1
Download 2
Google Pixel 2 Download 1
Download 2
Google Pixel 2 XL Download 1
Download 2
Google Pixel 3 Download 1
Download 2
Google Pixel 3 XL Download 1
Download 2
Google Pixel 3a Download 1
Download 2


GCam port for HiSense Phones
HiSense U30 Download Link


Google Camera App for HTC Phones
HTC 10 Download Link
HTC U11 Download Link
HTC U11 Plus Download Link


GCam port for Huawei Phones
Huawei/Honor Generic GCam Mod for Huawei
Honor Play 4 Download Link
Honor Play 4 Pro Download Link
Honor V6 Download Link
Huawei Mate 10 Download Link
Huawei Nova 5T Download Link
Huawei P30 Pro Download Link
Huawei Y7 2019 Download Link


Google Camera for Infinix Phones
Infinix Hot 9 Play Download Link
Infinix Hot 9 Pro Download Link
Infinix Note 7 Download Link
Infinix Note 7 Lite Download Link


Google Camera App for Le Phones

Model nameCompatible GCam APK
Le Max 2Download


GCam port for Lenovo Phones

Model nameCompatible GCam APK
Lenovo K6 NoteGCam Download 1
GCam Download 2
Lenovo K6 PowerGCam Download 1
GCam Download 2
GCam Download 3
Lenovo K10 PlusGCam Download
Lenovo K13 NoteGCam for Lenovo K13 Note
Lenovo Legion ProGCam Download
Lenovo Legion 2 ProDownload Link
Lenovo S5GCam Download
Lenovo Tab P11 ProGCam Download
Lenovo Z5sGCam Download
GCam port for LG Phones
LG G6 Download Link
LG G8 ThinQ Download Link
LG G8X ThinQ Download Link
LG Q61 Download Link
LG V30 Download Link
LG Velvet Download Link


GCam port for Motorola Phones

Motorola GCam Download List

Model nameCompatible GCam APK
Motorola GenericGCam Download 1
GCam Download 2
Motorola Defy 2021GCam for Motorola Defy 2021
Moto E7 PowerGCam Download
Motorola EdgeGCam Download
Motorola Edge SDownload Link
Moto G 5G PlusGCam Download
Moto G FastGCam Download
Moto G PowerGCam Download
Moto G PureGCam for Moto G Pure
Moto G StylusGCam Download
Moto G Stylus 5GGCam for Moto G Stylus 5G
Moto G2GCam Download
Moto G4 PlusGCam Download
Moto G5 PlusGCam Download
Moto G5s PlusGCam Download
Moto G6 PlusGCam Download
Moto G7GCam Download
Moto G7 PlayGCam Download
Moto G7 PlusGCam Download
Moto G7 PowerGCam Download
Moto G8 PlusGCam Download
Moto G9 PlusGCam Download
Moto G10Download Link
Moto G10 PowerDownload Link
Moto G30GCam Download
Moto G40 FusionDownload Link
Moto G50Download Link
Moto G60Download Link
Moto G60sGCam for Moto G60s
Moto G100Download Link
Motorola One 5G AceGCam Download
Motorola One ActionGCam Download
Motorola One Fusion+GCam Download
Motorola One HyperGCam Download
Motorola One PowerGCam Download
Moto Razr 40Moto Razr 40 GCam port
Moto Razr 40 UltraMoto Razr 40 ultra GCam port
Moto X4GCam Download
Moto ZGCam Download
Moto Z4GCam Download

Google Camera for Nokia Phones

Nokia GCam Download List

Model nameCompatible GCam APK
Nokia 3.1 PlusDownload Link
Nokia 5Download Link
Nokia 5.3Download Link
Nokia 5.4Download Link
Nokia 6Download Link
Nokia 6.1Download Link 1
Download Link 2
Nokia 6.1 PlusDownload Link 1
Download Link 2
Nokia 6.2Download Link
Nokia 7 PlusDownload Link
Nokia 7.1Download Link
Nokia 7.2Download Link
Nokia 8Download Link 1
Download Link 2
Nokia 8.1Download Link
Nokia G10 / G20Download Link
Nokia X10 / X20Download Link

GCam Port for Nothing Phones

Essential Model nameCompatible GCam APK
Nothing Phone (1)Nothing Phone (1) GCam port
Nothing Phone (2)Nothing Phone (2) GCam port

GCam port for OnePlus Phones

OnePlus GCam Download List

OnePlus Model nameCompatible GCam APK
OnePlus 3OnePlus 3 GCam port
Download Link 2
OnePlus 3TOnePlus 3T GCam port
OnePlus 5TOnePlus 5T GCam port
OnePlus 6OnePlus 6 GCam port
OnePlus 6TOnePlus 6T GCam port
OnePlus 7OnePlus 7 GCam port
OnePlus 7 ProOnePlus 7 Pro GCam port
OnePlus 7TOnePlus 7T GCam port
OnePlus 7T ProOnePlus 7T Pro GCam port
OnePlus 8OnePlus 8 GCam port
OnePlus 8 ProOnePlus 8 Pro GCam port
OnePlus 9 / ProOnePlus 9 / 9 Pro GCam port
OnePlus 9ROnePlus 9R GCam port
OnePlus GenericDownload Link
OnePlus NordOnePlus Nord GCam port
OnePlus Nord 2OnePlus Nord 2 GCam port
OnePlus Nord CE 5GOnePlus Nord CE 5G GCam port
OnePlus Nord CE 2OnePlus Nord CE 2 GCam port
OnePlus Nord CE 2 LiteOnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite GCam port
OnePlus Nord N200 5GOnePlus Nord N200 5G GCam port

GCam port for Oppo Phones

Oppo GCam Download List

Oppo Model nameCompatible GCam APK
Oppo A5 2020Oppo A5 2020 GCam Port
Oppo A9 2020Oppo A9 2020 GCam Port
Oppo A11KOppo A11K GCam Port
Oppo A12Oppo A12 GCam Port
Oppo A15Oppo A15 GCam Port
Oppo A15sOppo A15s GCam Port
Oppo A16Oppo A16 GCam Port
Oppo A31Oppo A31 GCam Port
Oppo A35Oppo A35 GCam Port
Oppo A53Oppo A53 GCam Port
Oppo A53s 5GOppo A53s GCam Port
Oppo A54Oppo A54 GCam Port
Oppo A54 5GOppo A54 5G GCam Port
Oppo A55Oppo A55 GCam Port
Oppo A56Oppo A56 GCam Port
Oppo A57Oppo A57 GCam Port
Oppo A74Oppo A74 GCam Port
Oppo A74 5GOppo A74 5G GCam Port
Oppo A91Oppo A91 GCam Port
Oppo A93sOppo A93s GCam port
Oppo A94 / 5GOppo A94 / 5G GCam Port
Oppo A95 5GOppo A95 5G GCam Port
Oppo F9 / ProOppo F9 / Pro GCam Port
Oppo F11 ProOppo F11 Pro GCam Port
Oppo F19Oppo F19 GCam Port
Oppo F19sOppo F19s GCam Port
Oppo F19 Pro+ 5GOppo F19 Pro Plus GCam Port
Oppo F23 5GOppo F23 GCam Port
Oppo Find X2 / ProOppo Find X2 / Pro GCam Port
Oppo Find X2 NeoOppo Find X2 Neo GCam Port
Oppo Find X3 LiteOppo Find X3 Lite GCam Port
Oppo Find X3 NeoOppo Find X3 Neo GCam Port
Oppo Find X3 / ProOppo Find X3 Pro GCam Port
Oppo K9Oppo K9 GCam Port
Oppo K9 ProOppo K9 Pro GCam Port
Oppo Reno 3 ProOppo Reno 3 Pro GCam Port
Oppo Reno5 5GOppo Reno5 5G GCam Port
Oppo Reno5 FOppo Reno5 F GCam Port
Oppo Reno5 LiteOppo Reno5 Lite GCam Port
Oppo Reno5 ZOppo Reno5 Z GCam Port
Oppo Reno 6 / Pro 5GOppo Reno 6 / Pro 5G GCam Port
Oppo Reno 6 Pro Plus 5GOppo Reno 6 Pro Plus 5G GCam Port
Oppo Reno 10x ZoomOppo Reno 10x GCam Port

Google Camera for Razer Phones

Model nameCompatible GCam APK
Razer Phone 2GCam Download


GCam port for Realme Phones

Visit the following link to get compatible ported Google Camera updates for all:

Realme GCam Download List

Pixel Camera download for Realme phones

Model nameCompatible GCam APK
Realme 2 ProGCam Download
Realme 3GCam Download
Realme 3 ProGCam Download
Realme 3iGCam Download
Realme 5GCam Download
Realme 5 ProGCam Download 1
GCam Download 2
Realme 5sGCam Download
Realme 6GCam Download
Realme 6SGCam Download
Realme 6 ProGCam Download
Realme 7GCam Download
Realme 7iGCam Download
Realme 7 ProGCam Download
Realme 8Download Link
Realme 8 ProDownload Link
Realme 8iGCam for Realme 8i
Realme 8s 5GGCam for Realme 8s 5G
Realme 11 ProRealme 11 Pro gcam port
Realme 11 Pro+Realme 11 Pro Plus gcam port
Realme C2GCam Download
Realme C3iGCam Download
Realme C11GCam Download
Realme C12GCam Download
Realme C15GCam Download
Realme C17GCam Download
Realme C20Download Link
Realme C20AGCam for Realme C20A
Realme C21Download Link
Realme C25Download Link
Realme C35Realme C35 GCam Port
Realme GT 5GDownload Link
Realme GT Master EditionGCam for Realme GT Master
Realme GT Neo FlashGCam for Realme GT Neo Flash
Realme GT Neo2GCam for Realme GT Neo2
Realme Narzo 20GCam Download
Realme Narzo 20 ProGCam Download
Realme Narzo 20AGCam Download
Realme Narzo 30 / 5GGCam for Realme Narzo 30 / 5G
Realme Narzo 30 Pro 5GGCam Download
Realme Narzo 30AGCam Download
Realme Narzo 50AGCam for Narzo 50A
Realme Narzo N53GCam for Narzo N53
Realme Narzo N55GCam for Narzo N55
Realme Q3 5GDownload Link
Realme Q3 Pro 5GDownload Link
Realme Q3 Pro CarnivalGCam for Realme Q3 Pro Carnival
Realme Q3i 5GDownload Link
Realme V3GCam Download
Realme V5GCam Download
Realme V13 5GDownload Link
Realme XGoogle Camera Download
Realme X2GCam Download
Realme X2 ProGCam Download
Realme X7 Max 5GGCam for Realme X7 Max 5G
Realme X7 / Pro 5GGCam Download
Realme X7 Pro UltraDownload Link
Realme XTGCam for Realme XT

Google Camera APK for Samsung Phones

Visit the following link that contains a huge list of compatible Google Camera ports (GCam APK) for Samsung phones based on Snapdragon or Exynos chipsets:

Samsung GCam Download List

Pixel Camera for Samsung

Model nameCompatible GCam APK
Samsung GenericDownload Link 1
Download Link 2
Galaxy A02Download Link
Galaxy A03sGCam for Galaxy A03s
Galaxy A13 5GGCam for Galaxy A13 5G
Galaxy A14 5GGCam for Galaxy A14 5G
Galaxy A20sDownload Link
Galaxy A21sDownload Link
Galaxy A22 5GGCam for Galaxy A22 5G
Galaxy A24 4GSamsung A24 4G GCam Port
Galaxy A30sDownload Link
Galaxy A32 / 5GDownload Link
Galaxy A50Download Link
Galaxy A51 5G UWDownload Link
Galaxy A52Download Link
Galaxy A60Download Link
Galaxy A70Download Link 1
Download Link 2
Galaxy A71Download Link
Galaxy A72Download Link
Galaxy A73GCam for Galaxy A73
Galaxy A80Download Link
Galaxy F22GCam for Galaxy F22
Galaxy F34 5GGalaxy F34 GCam Port
Galaxy F41Download Link
Galaxy F42 5GGCam for Galaxy F42 5G
Galaxy F52 5GGCam for Galaxy F52 5G
Galaxy F62Download Link
Galaxy FoldDownload Link
Galaxy J6Download Link
Galaxy M02Download Link
Galaxy M02sDownload Link
Galaxy M10Download Link
Galaxy M12Download Link
Galaxy M30sDownload Link
Galaxy M31Download Link
Galaxy M32GCam for Galaxy M32
Galaxy M34 5GGCam for Galaxy M34 5G
Galaxy M40Download Link
Galaxy M42 5GDownload Link
Galaxy M51Download Link
Galaxy M52GCam for Galaxy M52
Galaxy M62Download Link
Galaxy Note 8 ExynosDownload Link
Galaxy Note 9Download Link
Galaxy Note 10Download Link
Galaxy Note 10+Download Link
Galaxy Note 10 LiteDownload Link
Galaxy Quantum 2Download Link
Galaxy S7 ExynosDownload Link
Galaxy S8 ExynosDownload Link
Galaxy S9 (Snapdragon and Exynos)Google Camera Download
Galaxy S9+ (Snapdragon and Exynos)Download Link
Galaxy S10 / S10+Download Link
Galaxy S10 LiteDownload Link
Galaxy S20 / S20+Download Link
Galaxy S20 UltraDownload Link
Galaxy S21 5GDownload Link
Galaxy S21 Ultra 5GDownload Link
Galaxy S23 FEGalaxy S23 FE GCam Port
Galaxy S23 UltraGalaxy S23 Ultra GCam Port
Galaxy Tab S6 LiteDownload Link
Galaxy Wide5GCam for Galaxy Wide5
Galaxy Xcover 5Download Link
Galaxy Z Fold 2Download Link

Google Camera App for Sony Phones

The following page contains a list of compatible ports of Google Camera (GCam APK) for all Sony devices:

Sony GCam Download List

GCam port for Tecno Phones

Visit the following link to get compatible GCam Port updates for all available Tecno phones:

Tecno GCam Download List

Fairphone Model nameCompatible GCam APK
Tecno Camon 16Tecno Camon 16 GCam port
Tecno Camon 16 ProTecno Camon 16 Pro GCam port
Tecno Camon 16 STecno Camon 16 S GCam port
Tecno Camon 20Tecno Camon 20 GCam port
Tecno Camon 20 ProTecno Camon 20 Pro GCam port
Tecno Camon 20 Pro 5GTecno Camon 20 Pro 5G GCam port
Tecno Spark 6 AirTecno Spark 6 Air GCam port
Tecno Spark 6 GoTecno Spark 6 Go GCam port
Tecno Spark 7 ProTecno Spark 7 Pro GCam port
Tecno Spark 7PTecno Spark 7P GCam port
Tecno PovaTecno Pova GCam port

Google Camera for Umidigi Phones

Model nameCompatible GCam APK
UMIDIGI A5 ProGCam Download
UMIDIGI BisonGCam Download
UMIDIGI S3 ProGCam Download

Google Camera for Vivo Phones

Visit the following page to get a list of compatible Google Camera apps (GCam APK) available for specific Vivo phones:

Vivo GCam Download List

Vivo Pixel Camera Download List

Model nameCompatible GCam APK
Vivo NexDownload Link
Vivo S1 ProDownload Link
Vivo S9Download Link
Vivo S10 ProGCam for Vivo S10 Pro
Vivo S17Vivo S17 GCam Port
Vivo U10Download Link
Vivo U20Download Link
Vivo V15Download Link
Vivo V15 ProDownload Link
Vivo V17 ProDownload Link
Vivo V19Download Link
Vivo V19 NeoDownload Link
Vivo V20Download Link
Vivo V21 / 5GDownload Link
Vivo V21eDownload Link
Vivo V21 SEGCam for Vivo V21 SE
Vivo V21 ProGCam for Vivo V21 SE
Vivo V27GCam for Vivo V27
Vivo V27 ProGCam for Vivo V27 Pro
Vivo V29 ProGCam for Vivo V29 Pro
Vivo X50e 5GDownload Link
Vivo X60t Download Link
Vivo X60 / ProDownload Link
Vivo X60t Pro PlusGCam for Vivo X60t Pro Plus
Vivo X90Vivo X90 GCam Port
Vivo X90 ProVivo X90 Pro GCam Port
Vivo Y12Download Link
Vivo Y12s 2021GCam for Vivo Y12s 2021
Vivo Y20Vivo Y20 GCam Port Download
Vivo Y20ADownload Link
Vivo Y20sVivo Y20s GCam Port
Vivo Y20s [G]Download Link
Vivo Y21Vivo Y21 GCam Port Download
Vivo Y30GDownload Link
Vivo Y51Download Link
Vivo Y52sDownload Link
Vivo Y52s t1Download Link
Vivo Y53sGCam for Vivo Y53s
Vivo Y70tGCam for Vivo Y70t
Vivo Y72 5GDownload Link
Vivo Y78Vivo Y78 gcam port
Vivo Y78+Vivo Y78 Plus gcam port
Vivo Z1 ProDownload Link
Vivo Z1xDownload Link
Vivo Z5xDownload Link
Vivo Z6 5GDownload Link

Google Camera APK port for Xiaomi Phones

Visit the next link that contains all available compatible Google Camera (GCam APK) versions for different Xiaomi, Mi, Redmi and Poco phones:

Xiaomi GCam Download List

Xiaomi Pixel Camera Download list

Model nameCompatible GCam APK
Xiaomi GenericDownload Link
Mi 5sDownload Link
Mi 6XDownload Link
Mi 8Download Link
Mi 8 LiteDownload Link
Mi 9Download Link 1
Download Link 2
Config file: P3XL Test4.xml and N6P Test4.xml
Mi 9 LiteDownload Link
Mi 9 SEDownload Link
Mi 9TDownload Link
Mi 9T ProDownload Link
Mi 10Download Link
Mi 10 LiteDownload Link
Mi 10 ProDownload Link
Mi 10 UltraDownload Link
Mi 10 YouthDownload Link
Mi 10i 5GDownload Link
Mi 10sDownload Link
Mi 10T 5GDownload Link
Mi 10T Lite 5GDownload Link
Mi 10T Pro 5GDownload Link
Mi 11 Lite / 5GDownload Link
Mi 11 ProDownload Link
Mi 11 UltraDownload Link
Mi 11iDownload Link
Mi 11X / ProDownload Link
Mi A1Download Link
Mi A2Download Link 1
Download Link 2
Mi A2 LiteDownload Link
Mi A3Download Link
Mi CC9Download Link
Mi CC9 ProDownload Link
Mi MaxDownload Link
Mi Mix 2sDownload Link
Mi Mix 3Download Link
Mi Mix FoldDownload Link
Mi Note 10Download Link
Mi Note 10 LiteDownload Link
Mi Note 10 ProDownload Link
Poco C3Download Link
Poco C65Poco C65 GCam Port
Poco F1Download Link
Poco F2 ProDownload Link
Poco F3Download Link
Poco F3 GTGCam for Poco F3 GT
Poco F5Poco F5 GCam Port
Poco F5 ProPoco F5 Pro GCam Port
Poco M2 ProDownload Link
Poco M2 ReloadedDownload Link
Poco M3 Pro 5GGCam for Poco M3 Pro 5G
Poco X2Download Link
Poco X3 / NFCDownload Link
Poco X3 ProDownload Link
Redmi 4aDownload Link
Redmi 4xDownload Link
Redmi 5 PlusDownload Link
Redmi 6 ProDownload Link
Redmi 7Download Link
Redmi 8Download Link
Redmi 8ADownload Link
Redmi 9Download Link
Redmi 9 ActivGCam for Redmi 9 Activ
Redmi 9 PowerDownload Link
Redmi 9 PrimeDownload Link
Redmi 9ADownload Link
Redmi 9A SportGCam for Redmi 9A Sport
Redmi 9TDownload Link
Redmi 10GCam for Redmi 10
Redmi 10X 4G and 5GDownload Link
Redmi 10X ProDownload Link
Redmi 12Redmi 12 GCam Port
Redmi 13CRedmi 13C GCam Port
Redmi A2Redmi A2 GCam Port
Redmi A2+Redmi A2 Plus GCam Port
Redmi K20Download Link
Redmi K20 ProDownload Link
Redmi K30Download Link
Redmi K30 Pro / ZoomDownload Link
Redmi K30 UltraDownload Link
Redmi K40Download Link
Redmi K40 GamingDownload Link
Redmi K40 Pro / Pro PlusDownload Link
Redmi K60 ProRedmi K60 Pro GCam Port Download
Redmi Note 3Download Link
Redmi Note 4Download Link
Redmi Note 4xDownload Link
Redmi Note 5Download Link
Redmi Note 5 ProDownload Link 1
Download Link 2
Redmi Note 6 ProDownload Link 1
Download Link 2
Redmi Note 7Download Link
Redmi Note 7 ProDownload Link
Redmi Note 8Download Link
Redmi Note 8 ProDownload Link
Redmi Note 8 2021GCam for Redmi Note 8 2021
Redmi Note 9Download Link
Redmi Note 9 Pro / MaxDownload Link
Redmi Note 9sDownload Link
Redmi Note 9T 5GDownload Link
Redmi Note 10Download Link
Redmi Note 10 ProDownload Link
Redmi Note 10 Pro (China)GCam for Redmi Note 10 Pro (China)
Redmi Note 10 Pro MaxDownload Link
Redmi Note 10TGCam for Redmi Note 10T
Redmi Note 11 Pro 4GRedmi Note 11 Pro 4G GCam Port
Redmi Note 11 Pro 5GRedmi Note 11 Pro 5G GCam Port
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NEGCam for Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE
Xiaomi 11TGCam for Xiaomi 11T
Xiaomi 11T ProGCam for Xiaomi 11T Pro

Google Camera for ZTE Phones

Model nameCompatible GCam APK
ZTE Axon 10 ProDownload Link
ZTE Axon 20 5GDownload Link
ZTE Axon 30 Ultra 5GDownload Link
ZTE Blade 10 SmartDownload Link
ZTE Blade 11 PrimeDownload Link
ZTE Blade 20 SmartDownload Link
ZTE Blade VDownload Link
ZTE Blade V10Download Link
ZTE Nubia Red Magic 6RGCam for Nubia Red Magic 6R
ZTE Nubia Red Magic LiteDownload Link
ZTE Nubia Z30 ProGCam for Nubia Z30 Pro
ZTE Nubia Z20Download Link
ZTE S30 / ProDownload Link
ZTE S30 SEDownload Link

Download one of the GCam APK port from above link for your phone and see how good or bad it is in comparison to the stock camera app.

If you don’t find your phone in this hub, you can leave a comment and I will try to get a working APK port of Google Camera for your phone!

Visit the Mod APK page to get mod games and premium Android apps for free.

Some After Effects or Photo Editing Apps:

Well, after capturing the best possible image with the GCam, you might still need a photo editor app to give a finishing touch to it. In that case, I am also listing several handy apps for you to try out:

Some FAQs about the Google Camera APK

Often people get confused between the mod apk of Google Camera and the official GCam app found on Pixel phones.
Ideally, most of the applications available out there are usable on any Android phone but this is not the case with this camera application.

Let’s look at some of the FAQs asked by people about the Google Camera Port.

What is GCam port?

Basically abbreviated for Google Camera, is the Camera app that is exclusively available on Google Pixel phones.

Is it safe to download Google Camera APK?

Yes it is! People have downloaded these APKs million times and there is no report of any malicious code in any of the Google Camera port built by any developers.

Is Google Camera Better than others?

Well, it is Yes and No. The features makes it the best camera app for Android. As it is widely available as a mod version, not all features work on all the phones. If it works on your phone, it can create magic with the images it produces.

Why is Google Camera App not compatible on my Phone?

Because it is primarily designed to work only on Pixel phones. Whatever we list here, are just Google Camera ports. There are many ports of GCam from many developers. You can try one from the below list to see if it works on your phone!

How to Download Google Camera?

As I said earlier not a single port of GCam app works on all phones. Below are the different ports available from various developer, which you can try on your phone.

Download links

How to Install Pixel Camera | GCam APK Port v9.1 | Google Camera Latest Download APK?

Make sure that there should not be any prior version of Pixel Camera | GCam APK Port v9.1 | Google Camera Latest Download apk already installed on your phone. If so, uninstall that before installing this one.

  1. First of all, download the Pixel Camera | GCam APK Port v9.1 | Google Camera Latest Download APK from the above download link
  2. Install the Split APK installer app and then install the downloaded mod APK using that. (or) follow the below instructions
  3. Enable app install from Unknown Sources to install apps from a third-party app other than Google Play Store.
    To do that go to Settings and search the word unknown
    - For Android Nougat or lower version click on Unknown sources and enable that setting.
    - For Android Oreo or later, clicking on Install unknown apps which will take you to a list of apps.
    Select the actual app through which you want to install the apk of Pixel Camera | GCam APK Port v9.1 | Google Camera Latest Download.Or you can do it other way: Let's say, you have downloaded the APK file of Pixel Camera | GCam APK Port v9.1 | Google Camera Latest Download on Google chrome or firefox browser on your phone.Go to Settings > Apps & notifications or go to Settings > search for unknown > Open the app (Chrome, Firefox or file manager app etc) > Install unknown apps and enable Allow from this source
  4. Once enabled, tap on the hack (or) mod apk file to install

What's new

8K video support - From v8.8 GCam supports 8K video recording

Night Sight in Portrait and Camera modes - Get the same Night Sight results in low light without having to switch modes.

Video stabilization modes - Use Locked for videos of long performances, when you want to look away from the camera. Use Active in heavy moments. Use Cinematic Pan for smooth, panning shots.

New zoom buttons - Use zoom buttons to quickly zoom in or out. To use the full zoom slider, tap and hold a zoom button or pinch-zoom.



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  1. Chaee says:

    Why i didn’t see VivoY22s gcam mod, I’m looking for it

  2. Khay says:

    latest gcam doesn’t work on my pixel 5 running android 14 beta..
    MGC GCAM opens but only works on portrait mode other functions doesn’t work.
    Other GCAM mod crashes on opening..

    I’m back to using the MGC v8.8.. This also doesn’t open camera on video mode unless I switch to front cam and back. Everything else works good

  3. Blader says:

    Which gcam port is compatible with Redmi K60 Pro

  4. Chris says:

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    Hello guys,

    First time I try this Motorola G60 The latest version crashes, the 8.2 version crashes on video slow motion.
    I can’t find an option to store photo video on the memory card.
    Can’t find setting for 100MP pricture unless that is “full resolution”
    I was hoping that this enabled “zooming” with the use of the 100MP chip but it seems it still uses only 2 procent
    of this resolution. Can someone tell me what the 60X zoom means, I only have 8 X zoom

  9. Komang says:

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    Congratulations to all developers, purchasing a Umidigi Bison Pro Helio G80 still on the way!
    I researched enough on the internet for the opinions and the camera’s original apk is not getting attention.

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    You can try this Camera Go app.

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    June 9, 2021 at 1:40 PM
    Hi, I installed in my Umidigi Bison, but the Camera just opens and completely freezed. No settings active, 3 buttons below only active and moreover none of 3 buttons are working! Kindly provide correct working apk file for Umidigi Bison.

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    English Translation:
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  54. barry says:

    Thanks for finding a port that works. This particular version however I cant seem to get the wide angle camera to work correctly?do you have any ideas?

    be great to get a specific port in near future. being able to use the microscope

    • siba says:

      Which phone do you have and which version did you install on your phone that has the wide angle camera issue, can you please mention so that I can help?

  55. Jerry says:

    Poxo x3 nfc gcam 8.2
    The config file is missing (no link to download)
    Any other way to get this file? Thanks

  56. Fbanananab says:

    Which version works for samsung a7 2017? I tried samsung generic but all image turns purple.

    • siba says:

      Okay I have filtered some GCam for Exynos chipset based phones. Visit this link.
      Can you try all of them and see which one really works on your phone.

      I understand that it’s a huge list. But GCam mod is something you cannot know which one works and which one does not.
      it is always a hit and trial method that we need to go with.

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    I searched all over the internet on the developers’ pages and so far I haven’t found it anywhere.

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    I am using [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][10] Havoc-OS 3.x [G928X][G928T/W8]
    android 10

  62. nevermind__ says:

    Which version is compatible with samsung galaxy s6 edge plus?
    I am using [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][10] Havoc-OS 3.x [G928X][G928T/W8]
    android 10

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  64. nevermind__ says:

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