GCAM GO | CAMERA GO APK Download with Night Mode, HDR+ and 10x Zoom

The original GCam port APK is not a perfect fit for Android Go edition or a lower spec phone(s) but the GCam Go app is!

To fill the gap, Google has designed the GCam Go / Camera Go, a light weight camera app for Android Go Edition phones with HDR, portrait mode, and Night Mode etc. features.

Features of GCam Go

I hope, now you know the basic things about the Camera Go app. Let’s look at the features available on this app.

Update 2: (6th October 2020)
The Camera Go now features Night Mode that creates well exposed images in low light condition without flash!

See the below video presentation for more idea on this!

Update 1: (16th April 2020)
The stock app is ported by many developers and named as Google Camera Go, which is available with HDR+, 10x Zoom and now works on Android 8 and later versions.

HDR+ on Google Camera Go

Download Google Camera Go / GCam Go APK

Visit the downloads section below to get all available APK files.

Few GCam APK ports are already working on many low end devices as well.

It is true that most of the new features require very high processing, but even the features available on older GCam ports are better than GCam Go application which is primarily built by keeping the Android Go Edition devices in mind.

Signing off this article right here with this conclusion. In case of any doubt you can always leave a comment here so that I can guide you further.

FAQs about the GCam Go App

The Google Camera Go app aka GCam Go is different than the Google Camera app. Often people get confused between these two. To clarify, I have added an FAQ section to answer all such common questions.

What is GCam Go?

Android Go phones are budget oriented phones which have low end hardware spec. The camera application on an this phone is known as GCam Go. You can think of this as a light weight version of GCam with less features.

What is the Difference Between GCam Go and GCam port?

Google Camera is a feature rich camera app that requires more processing power which is not a good fit for budget Android phones like Android Go. Hence Google designed the Camera Go with less features in comparison to the former one. Camera Go works on all phones out of the box where as the Google Camera does not.

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8 thoughts on “GCAM GO | CAMERA GO APK Download with Night Mode, HDR+ and 10x Zoom”

  1. I have Redmi note 7 phone, and I installed Gcam 8.2 V1 but i have a problem with slow motion then i install v5 but still have a problem with slow motion, when i start slow motion the camera turn off automatically i tried many time but still have this problem, can somene help for this?

  2. Hy, why latest version of GCAM doesn’t work with Samsung S20+ ? Actually none works :( It hangs while opening, black screen with camera logo inside. Permissions are granted. So sad :(


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