Shamim SGCam 8.8

This is a GCam port of the base version 8.8.224 and SGCam version v3 (latest) which is built by developer Shamim.

Build date: April 2023

Changelog of GCam by Shamim:


  • Fixed crash issues of high lighting conditions.
  • Fixed auto ns option.
  • Fixed random crash of many devices.
  • Fixed zoom issues and more.


  • Bug fixes.



  • Fixed video mode.
  • Fixed front cam crash.
  • Fixed exynos devices and more few fixations.
  • Added lens fix for Xiaomi 13.

- Clean installation is required for this build. Otherwise it may not be installed.


  • Added support for Android 11+ devices.
  • Wrote few modification codes newly for adjusting them with GCam 8.8.
  • Added support for c2api full and hal3 devices.
  • All feature from sgcam 8.7 will be available there. (Auxiliary cam, lib-patcher, everything)
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  • Create Date May 23, 2024

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