BigKaka AGC GCam 9.2

This is a Piexle camera or a GCam APK 9.2 of the base version 9.2.14 and AGC version V4.0 (latest) which is built by developer BigKaka.

Build date:  February 2024

Changelog of AGC 9.2.14 by BigKaka:


  • Added chinese new year watermark, long press watermark button to change
  • Added Curve Button at the ViewFinder
  • Added Color Mix
  • Added Show focus, debug data
  • Added Manual upscale images
  • Added Portrait HDR Enhance
  • Added focus tracking
  • Fixed pixel devices auto night sight
  • Fixed Samsung face detect
  • Fixed Astro
  • Fixed Custom watermark crash
  • Fixed Full devices
  • Fixed watermark random black
  • Turn on Video stabilization


  • Compatible with 9.1 configuration, you can download 9.1 V10 or above configuration from the toolkit
  • Added tap lens switch change upscale
  • Added 8k video
  • Added HdrNet, Leica button
  • Added Advance settings
  • Fixed Global custom patcher
  • Fixed Pixel devices Sabre(Merge 1) not working
  • Fixed not restarting when switching to the front
  • Fixed Sabre Luma Denoise High, Sabre Sharp Tuning
  • Fixed Link Mode
  • Fixed portrait Upscale


  • Added Global patcher, Now you can use it for instead lib file
  • Added Nickname, Changelog, Nickname will added to Exif info
  • Added Night Mode Gain Multiplier, for limit night sight iso
  • Added Advanced Settings
  • Fixed pixel portrait, if not working for Pixel8Pro, try to turn off some dev settings
  • Fixed patcher sect, tone, gamma not working
  • Added more curve
  • Fixed Grid missing
  • Changed more patcher to input values
  • Compatible Samsung devices, Poco f5 devices, Sony devices


This is a full-featured, full-libpatch version, with only a few features missing.

  • Added LUT processing
  • Added Lens Settings
  • Added Libpatch Settings
  • Added Developer Settings
  • Added Watermark Settings, added Nothing logo



Supported devices:

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  • Create Date May 26, 2024

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