Shamim SGCam 8.9 STABLE

This is a GCam port of the base version 8.8.224 and SGCam version v3 (latest) which is built by developer Shamim.

Build date: April 2023

Changelog of GCam by Shamim:


  • Fixed AWB slider.
  • Fixed previous almost all reported bugs and errors.
  • Fixed video interface. Few codes took from this cam.
  • Fixed previous reported bugs.
  • Added libpatcher support. Thanks @bigkaka, @IamVamsiK, @Madieljf.
  • Optimized log catcher codes.
  • Compressed the apk size to 210mb and many more internal things.
  • Fixed previous few reported bugs.


  • Clean installation is required. Not added support yet for c2api full supported devices and pixel devices.


  • All options are available as sgcam 8.8 v14.
  • Added support for a11, a12, a13+
  • All encrypted strings and security of this version is decrypted by @bigkaka. Thanks for his work.

Known BUG:

  • Video interface not working.


  • Don't use libpatcher options. It doesn't work still now. Just added preferences of that. Previous versions xmls won't work in this version.


Supported devices:

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  • Create Date May 25, 2024

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