BigKaka AGC 8.8

This is a GCam port of the base version 8.8.224 and AGC version v1.0 (latest) which is built by developer BigKaka.

Build date: June 2023

Changelog of AGC 8.8 V1.0 by BigKaka:


The first release of 8.8 has almost all the features of 8.7. We also brought GcamTools, which you can easily copy profiles between lens, and if it is a rooted Mi10U device (Mi11U later), you can easy to load 48MP module: GCamTools.apk

Compared with version 8.7, we bring the following updates:

  • Profile added Link Mode
  • Custom patch parameters support displaying the real value
  • LibPatch: Apply Portrait Matting, Preserve Highlights, Max Bracketed TET Ratio
  • Develop Settings: nonzsl_base_frame_is_the_last, zsl_base_frame_is_the_last
  • Advanced: Compression DNG
  • Support loading 48MP module after rooted, thanks Hasli's help
  • Support extended watermark logo, the file needs to be placed in Download/AGC8.8/logos
  • Fixed video, thanks Shamim's help
  • Fixed the problem that the lack of Google Service Frame caused Chinese mobile phones to crash
  • Chinese translationNote:
    - If gboard cannot be entered, please uninstall it to restore it to a stable version.
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  • Create Date May 25, 2024

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