LMC 8.4 GCam Port

Out of all GCAm ports, LMC 8.4 is one of the best compatible port which runs almost all Android phones. This is a GCam port of base version 8.4.300 and the latest LMC version is vR18 which is ported by Developer Hasli based on Arnova8G2 and BSG GCam 8.4.

Before taking you to the download list, please take a look at the changelog of all individual versions. This information will help you choose the right version for your device.

At the bottom of this list I have also added the details of which package fits for which kind of device. This information will help you choose the right package type for your phone.

Latest build date: June 2023

Changelog of LMC 8.4 R17 by Developer Hasli:

  • TEST patcher: LDR Lite Highlight, Sabre Noise, Disable Preserving Highlights (Disables the limit on the appearance of highlights, works in conjunction with the HDR Ratio).
  • Gain section with new Radius Gain. (To activate the radii, the main Sharp Gain must be greater than 0).
  • Samsung Mettering Mode in the System Setup section (Thanks iDan).
  • Other fixes.

Changelog of LMC 8.4 R16 by Hasli:


  • Added selection of the number of frames to be glued in ZSL / HDRNet (divided by modules) (processing functions) *3.
  • Long Tap with Function Selection (Viewfinder Settings) *1.
  • Added zoom value selection per button (system settings) *5.
  • Added low / high viewfinder resolution switch (LMC tweaks).
  • Added exposure slider view toggle (LMC tweaks).
  • Several new presets for subtle noise levels.
  • Removed the number of frames button and added a Julian T color transformation button.
  • Added HDR effect item to the Exposure Compensation menu.

Corrections made:

  • Fixed merging on all interfaces, disabled the minimum threshold for merging frames (from 1 to 28, 28 is limited by the principle - it will work for everyone).
  • Fixed exposure slider in HDRNet.
  • Fixed front camera on some devices (1+6, 1+7, etc.) incl. library loading *6.
  • Fixed some bugs that could occur when using different interfaces.
  • And other code changes.


  1. 28 frames limit is purposeful, most devices are limited by such a buffer, and so that there are no disagreements in the config, I specified this limit.
  2. In Release 16, the settings for selecting noise models, upscaling, black level settings, Julian CT have disappeared. - to re-expose and check by yourself.
  3. In release 16 there are a lot of changes in the code part, new problems may appear. But for the most part, it's all good.
  4. All main functions are checked through debugging and by the community before the release, if something does not work for you - the problem is in the config with a probability of 90%.

Code or ideas borrowed from: 1* PZD, 2* LMC8.2(Rashid), 5* x9s, 6* sgcam, 3* dpeasant3, 4* artiushkin.
I also express my gratitude to good friends for feedback and help :)

Old Configs:
- Some parameters on old configs have gone off (noise model, upscale, black level) need to be set again on your configs.

Changelog of LMC 8.4 R15 by Hasli:


  • Exynos devices (Verified by Note20U, S21U, S10)
  • Library selection per module (except front)
  • Added UX Mod and Sky Brightness to TEST patcher (Thx Rivov)
  • Night mode sky detection algorithm enabled by default, can be used in ZSL / HDR+ with UX)
  • Added "Edge Enhancement (Portrait) Front" to LMC Tweaks
  • Output shasta.zsl.max_exptime.ms to exposure settings (Mod LMC8.2)
  • Added (Pixel 3m2 AWB, and Pixel3m2 GRGB) (Mod 6.2 by Wyroczen)
  • Added CG1 to color settings
  • Added several Preset Subtle Noise Reduction Levels Merge 1
  • Added Live HDR and iris switch button for Samsung
  • Complemented the choice of Interface / Model HDR



  • Fixed SpatialGainMap
  • Fixed "Dynamic ISO selection" in noise models. (Mod SGcam)
  • Fixed Mi12TP, improved Mi11U, and some others.
  • Returned all patcher settings for the front camera
  • Default face definitions on. on supported devices
  • Luma Denoise A/B moved to Main
  • HEVC video is disabled by default
  • And other fixes in the code.

• Configs from previous versions work, but you need to take into account that now each lens has its own choice of library. Built-in configs updated.

Changelog of LMC 8.4 R14:

  • Material You for all versions of Android. *
  • Noise model from the system and noise model tuning. *
  • Disabled 70% of animations for speed.
  • Changed some default settings
  • More values for Lut Noise Fix (the higher the value, the more motion artifacts and less noise)
  • Changed default tone/gamma curves from version 8.6, sect by Cseus (smoother).

* Taken from SGcam, thanks to Shamim for a job well done.

Clean installation recommended. Configs from previous versions are still supported on this version as well.

The noise model setting does not work with the system model, nor does dynamic ISO selection work in noise models. It will be fixed in a future update.

Changelog of LMC 8.4 R13:


  • ISO100, Max.Time, Max.ISO in shutter speed selection.
  • Session selection for the system (initialization, most likely takes precedence over photo mode, necessary for devices that had to switch mode to activate sessions)
  • 6 new sessions at the end of the list, thus adding probably all possible sessions at the moment


  • Fixed work Mi12 Ultra
  • Slightly changed excerpt code
  • Fixes for some devices

* Some of the fixes are taken from the Shamim mod, thanks.

Changelog of LMC 8.4 R11:

  • LMC8.4 R9 is based on BSG and Arnova's GCam 8.4
  • TEST section in patcher with new parameters
  • Added more options to LDR patcher
  • Increased range of values: Clarity, Contrast 1, Smoothness
  • Live photo option in video section
  • Added many Sessions to stream config
  • Developer settings optimization
  • Translation fix
  • Fix gcam_debug option in dev
  • Video Fix on Pixel 6 UI
  • Luma Subtle Level Preset fix in PRO patcher
  • Resolution selection fix Live Photo
  • Cleaning up code, optimizing animations, and improving application performance.
  • All built-in configs updated.

LMC 8.4 Package names

Needed for phones with restricted access to the extra cameras (wide, telephoto, etc).
• _snapcam / org.codeaurora.snapcam: devices with Snapdragon processors (eg: OnePlus).
• _qcamera3 / org.codeaurora.qcamera3: devices with Snapdragon processors.
• _aweme / com.ss.android.ugc.aweme: some Realme, OPPO, and OnePlus devices.
• _ruler / com.samsung.android.ruler: for Samsung devices.
• _scan3d / com.samsung.android.scan3d: for Samsung devices.
• _google_lens / com.google.android.GoogleCameraEng: if you want to use Google Lens.

Supported devices:

Other Google Camera Downloads:

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"operatingSystem": "Android",
"requirements": "Android 11",
"softwareVersion": "8.4",
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  • Create Date May 26, 2024

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