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    LineageOS 17.1 for LG V20 is now available to download. This article explains how to install Lineage OS 17.1 on LG V20, with a step-by-step guide.

    This LG V20 Lineage OS 17.1 build is brought to you by developer X86cpu. For other Android 10 based custom ROM builds you can always visit this Android 10 Download page for supported devices.

    LG V20 LineageOS 17.1


    If you like this ROM then do consider for a contribution to mahajant99 and LineageOS project:
    Donate to X86cpu
    Donate to LineageOS project

    This is an initial build of LineageOS 17.1 for LG V20, which may have many bugs.
    Make sure to backup all important data of your phone.
    Keep in mind that you are the only person making changes to your phone. Neither the developer nor I can be held responsible for the mistakes done by you.

    Installing the “LG V20 LineageOS 17.1” requires an unlock bootloader on LG V20, which will VOID your warranty.

    Known Issues on this LineageOS 17.1 build?

    – Causes static on boot
    – 5GHz tether not working
    -If you have wiped the misc partition then you may have some problems with bluetooth and wifi (Fix Issue)


    Where to Download Lineage OS 17.1 for LG V20?

    How to Install Lineage OS 17.1 on LG V20?

    Following are the two sub-sections of this LG V20 LineageOS 17.1 update guide:

    1. Installing LineageOS 17.1 for the first time
    2. Upgrading from existing LineageOS 17.1 ROM build

    Installing LineageOS 17.1 on LG V20 for first time

    This ROM update process requires few guides to be followed and few files to be downloaded. Everything referred in the below guide is provided in the above downloads section.

    1. Boot into the TWRP Recovery to install the “LG V20 LineageOS 17.1” Android 10 based custom ROM.
      – By now your phone must have an unlocked bootloader to proceed with other steps. If not, first, unlock the bootloader, download TWRP from above download link and install and then proceed ahead.
    2. Wipe the data partition, Cache partition and the system partition.
      – Here is a guide explaining how to wipe using TWRP recovery.

      This will delete all your data on your phone. You may consider taking a complete backup of your phone data or take a backup of all relevant partitions.
      How to backup data on Android
      how to take NANDROID backup using TWRP recovery
    3. ADB Sideload the LG V20 LineageOS 17.1 zip file
      – Here is a post explaining how to ADB sideload using TWRP
    4. Once done, reboot into the TWRP recovery again.
    5. Then install the LineageOS 17.1 GApps package.
      – Here is a post explaining how to install GApps using TWRP recovery.
    6. Reboot and Enjoy the Android 10 based LineageOS 17.1 for LG V20.

    Upgrading from earlier LineageOS 17.1 on LG V20 –

    1. Boot into Recovery to flash the updated LineageOS 17.1 for LG V20
    2. Wipe the system partition from the TWRP recovery menu.
    3. ADB Sideload the LineageOS 17.1 zip file.
      – Here is a post explaining how to ADB sideload using TWRP
    4. Reboot and see you have the GApps and ROOT access or NOT.
      – Gapps is built in such a way that it will sustain across ROM updates.
    5. If you don’t have GApps after upgrading the LineageOS 17.1 on the phone, then flash the GApps.
      – Here is a post explaining how to flash GApps using TWRP recovery.
    6. If you don’t have ROOT after upgrading the LineageOS 17.1 on your phone, then flash the SuperSU or Magisk or the Lineage SU binary.
      – Here is a post explaining How to ROOT LineageOS 17.1
    7. Once everything is done, reboot and Enjoy the LineageOS 17.1.

    Complete the initial setup and enjoy Android 10 with LineageOS 17.1 on LG V20.

    How to Root LG V20 on Lineage OS 17.1?

    After installing Lineage OS 17.1 on LG V20 you may want to enable ROOT access on your phone and here is how you can do that:
    How to ROOT LineageOS 17.1

    If there is no ROOT access for some reason even after installing the LineageOS SU binary, then you can try SuperSU rooting guide to enable ROOT access.

    GCam for LineageOS 17.1 or Android 10?

    GCam 7.0 and later versions are compatible with LineageOS 17.1 or any Android 10 ROM in general.
    You can always look into the big list of Google Camera APK download page to get a compatible GCam for your phone.

    Stay tuned to the LG V20 page for other Android 10, Android Oreo ROMs, Nougat ROMs, or other ROMs and all other device specific topics.

    ? <a href="">GCam APK</a> | <a href="">Mod APK</a>

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