How to Install ADB Fastboot on Linux

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ADB and Fastboot are the debugging tools that comes with Android SDK. In this guide, I am going to present how to install ADB and Fastboot on Linux.

If you are a developer or you want to learn how you can get most out of your Android phone as a Developer or an advanced user then you must need ADB and Fastboot which are the basic tools needed to understand your Android phone.

Installing ADB or Fastboot in Linux is sometimes easy as it can be downloaded from the Linux distro’s software repositories. But oftentimes they are outdated. That is the primary reason I have to bring in this article.

Let’s dive in!

Here I have brought you an Easy to Install ADB and Fastboot on Linux. Just one command execution to install ADB Fastboot on Linux. The scripts are provided in the DOWNLOADS section followed by the Step By Step ADB & Fastboot Installation Guide for Linux.

Donwlaod ADB and Fastboot For Linux

Install ADB Fastboot on Linux

You can install ADB Fastboot binaries from the default package management systems available in the respective linux distro.

How to Install ADB Fastboot on Ubuntu

Execute the below command to install ADB Fastboot binaries on Ubuntu:
$ sudo apt install android-tools-adb
$ sudo apt install android-tools-fastboot

[alert solor=”red”]But the tools will be downloaded from the Ubuntu’s repo which might be outdated with respect to the latest available platform-tools (ADB and Fastboot) on the Android SDK.

So, it is recommended that you download the ADB Fastboot binaries from the above download links and use[/alert]

  1. Download and extract the to a directory.
  2. Go to the downloaded directory and then enter into Android directory where all the scripts are kept.
  3. Execute the following command on a console or Terminal with ROOT privilege on your Linux machine:
    # sh

    Or enter the absoulute path to the script to execute:

    # sh /path_to_install_script/

    NOTE: This command will move the ADB and Fastboot binaries to /usr/bin location and move the Android udev rules file to /etc/udev/rules.d/ location also this script will install JDK if it is not installed.

  4. Exit from the command console and the open a new command console to use ADB and fastboot.

What you can do after Installing ADB and Fastboot?

ADB and Fastboot are the basic utilities if you want to ROOT, Unlock bootloader or install a custom Recovery like TWRP on any Android device.

ADB sideload and fastboot flash is needed to install custom ROMs like LineageOS etc.

ADB and Fastboot should now be installed on your Linux machine. If you have any concerns or doubt then leave a comment with a detailed description.

2 comments on "How to Install ADB Fastboot on Linux"

  1. Larry says:

    Very poor instructions.

    • Bicyu says:

      That might be a bit harsh, but certainly they could be improved.
      I suspect the writer is very good at what she does, but has not really thought the process through from someone else’s perspective. Esp one who may not have the same tech expertise.

      As an example, warnings tips etc should really come BEFORE the instruction, as human nature tends not to read instructions first, but “follow along.”

      Perhaps writing everything down first, paper or e doc would have made the process clearer – shown up obvious errors and confusion. EG: separating the instructions for installing just the 2 utilities as against the full download from tools.

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