Shamim GCam 8.4

This is a GCam port of base version 8.4.300 and BSG version v0 (latest) which is built by Shamim.

Click on the dropdown box and scroll down to get the latest version of this port in the end.

Update date: May 2023


For Oppo A55: download GCAM_8.4.400.42.XX_SHAMIM_V21.apk


Changelog of GCam 8.4.400.42 V21 by Shamim:

  • Added Ae target fps rate switch and made a way of inputing value on few stuffs and customization setting.
  • Added OIS data option on few stuffs and customization setting.
  • Added manual input resolution of motion photo individually for each lens.
  • Added Samsung special features on few stuffs and customization setting.
  • Fixed ois control statement.
  • Optimized codes.
  • Added shading mode manual input value on few stuffs and customization setting (suggestion to keep it on 0).
  • Added opmode settings individually for each Lenes.
  • Added portrait default zoom as edit text preference on few stuffs and customization setting.
  • Added a option on developer setting named "gcam.psaf_frame_count". It's related to astro time.
  • Added upscaling selection on longtab shortcut selection and more...

Changelog of GCam 8.4.300.18 by Shamim:

  • Added support for hardware level full supported devices and added viewfinder format individually. (Thanks @mebel_style_realme5pro)
  • Fixed ns for full supported devices.
  • Added support for realme and more devices.
  • Fixed night mode focal length.
  • Added all keys on restart method with back button press.
  • Fixed viewfinder hight for all model interface and more.
  • Fixed few bugs.
  • Added support for Android 10.
  • Fixed hdr+ enhanced.
  • Added support for few devices. This app supposed to be worked well for Media Tek processor users.
  • Added sabre method.
  • Added HDR+ button on option menu for portrait mode.
  • Added HDR model selection.
  • Added developer setting. (Thanks @bigkaka for working with me)
  • Fixed pixel 6,6 pro viewfinder. Now all models supposed to be worked well.

Supported devices:

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