How to Install Lineage OS on Any Phone


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    I think the bootloader cannot be unlocked on a Galaxy NOTE 3 AT&T (SM-N900A) variant.

    But if you have installed a TWRP as you have mentioned in your reply.

    I don’t see any Custom ROM made specifically for the NOTE 3 AT&T variant.
    In that case, try installing a ROM build made for the Galaxy NOTE 3 LTE variant.

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    Ciao Siba the problem is when i try to install the Rom it gives mi me back error 7 I have tried to change the script but with no luck or maybe it is me that I am no good to modify the file I have the latest twrp installed on my nexus 4..any suggestions?..thanks for replying to my post..


    I am currently running a stock room for the Moto g7 power commonly refered to as the ocean model. I have an unlocked bootloader a rooted firmware and I am running a unofficial twrp custom recovery. I downloaded the official lineage os .zip file and when I flashed it using twrp it went through cleanly even getting past the zip verification but once the installation is done it still says that there is no OS on the phone. I also wiped my dalvick cache and system partitions before flashing this rom. Any solutions?

Viewing 3 posts - 21 through 23 (of 23 total)
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