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Car racing game has ever been loved by almost anyone and people from any age group. Introducing GRID Autosport which is an exhilarating and critically acclaimed car racing game available on Android.

GRID Autosport is developed by Codemasters and co developed by Feral Interactive.

Apart from Android, this game is also available on PS3, Xbox 360, Windows, iOS, Linux, Mac, Nintendo switch. Now you know how much popular is this game just from the availability on such a huge number of platforms.

There are several similar games like this which include Real Racing 3, Gear Club etc. but nothing compares to the GRID Autosport which is at another level.

This game brings you 100+ cars and circuits to drive and race, user customisable controls and many more features to your fingertips which I will be discussing in detail in the coming sections.

Huge Number of Cars and Circuits

Can you imagine 100 cars in your garage, how will that feel? This is what exactly you get in this game. Of course, not all the cars you get in your garage in the beginning but that is the limit I am saying.

Budget cars, F1 cars, sports cars, SUVs, Sedans, custom cars and many more to speak about.

Not just cars, but you get 1lmost 100+ terrains and circuits to race with your car. F1 circuit, busy market area, city place, Highways and race almost everywhere in the world.

Realistic Graphics and Controls

Coming from developers like Codemasters and Feral Interactive you cannot expect anything less in terms of quality and performance. Exactly same goes for this game.

GRID Autosport game gives you real-life graphics that brings finest details of the cars, tracks and all other surroundings.

The controls are so realistic that the car breaks down on hitting any object out there. You need to use the rewind feature in the game to bring back and take control of your vehicle or better you learn controlling your way before you get into the arena.

Superb Engineering

GRID Autosport is such a heavy duty game loaded with precision graphics, realtime controls, this game is still not processing and memory hungry.

I used a Galaxy S8 and not once have I experienced any significant slowdown, freezing, and crashing in any way.

$10 for such a game is still very light to your pocket and delightful for your device. Take my words, you will definitely not regret downloading this game.

Where to Download GRID Autosport Mod APK file?

The latest version of the GRID Autosport APK for Android is v1.10.1RC5 which can be downloaded from the below link.

download button
App nameGRID Autosport
Latest version1.10.1RC5
Mod infoFull Version
Original App urlPlay Store link
Last updated25th April 2024

How to Install GRID Autosport on Android?

  1. Get the GRID Autosport APK file from the above download link
  2. Install the Split APK installer app and then install this APK using that. (or) follow the below instructions
  3. To install apps from a third party app other than Play Store you need to enable app install from Unknown Sources on your Android device.
    1. For Android 7.0 Nougat or lower version click on Unknown sources and enable that setting.
      Enable Unknown apps on Android Nougat and lower
    2. For Android 8.0 or later version, enable Install Unknown Apps from the app from which you are going to install the APK file.
      Enable Unknown apps on Android Oreo and later
    3. For example: if you have downloaded the Google Camera apk file on Google chrome or firefox browser on your phone. Or you have downloaded and copied the apk file to the file browser and you want to install it from there.
  4. Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Open the app (Chrome, Firefox or file manager app etc) > Install unknown apps and enable Allow from this source
    1. See the below screenshots that enables to install unknown apps on Pie for Chrome app (you need to enable on the app from where you want to install the apk):Enable unknown sources to install app
  5. Once enabled, click on the downloaded apk file to install.


Despite some superb games like Wreckfest, Real Racing 3, Gear Club and some other console-grade racing games being ported over, GRID Autosport remains as not only the best mobile racing game I have ever played on Android.This is top shelf, and a benchmark example with which to compare other Android games/ports.

This is top shelf, and a benchmark racing game example to which no other Android games or ports compare in any dimension.

For the foreseeable future, GRID Autosport is a must play for absolutely anybody. Spend the $10, you will not regret it!

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