How to Install Lineage OS on Any Phone

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    Can I use the “ZCX-TWR-3.0.2-X-MI5SPlus-Natrium-16.12.26.img” TWRP on my Xiaomi MI5s Plus? I have formatted the phone. I have loaded “lineage-15.1-20180410-nightly-natrium-signed” on the internal SD Card. The ZIP Signature verification is OK. Yet it does not install. After a few seconds of installing, it first gives a WARNING : “No file_ E3004: This package is for device: natrium; this device is .” Updater process ended with ERROR: 7
    What now?

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    i use asus zenfone 4(A450cg)but there find only 5 so for my model he doesnt installs?and in 13 version didnt found where list with,supported asus phones and files+instruction for this



    I have not found any official LineageOS for the HTC One M7 but below are some of the unofficial Nougat and Oreo builds you can try:
    LineageOS 15 OREO for HTC One M7
    LineageOS 14.1 Nougat for HTC One M7
    – Legacy CyanogenMod 14.1 Nougat for HTC One M7

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    Thanks. running the LineageOS 14.1 now. It’s very buggy. Problems with the phone app, the clock, random crashes. Was hoping for something stable.

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    Ciao Siba the problem is when i try to install the Rom it gives mi me back error 7 I have tried to change the script but with no luck or maybe it is me that I am no good to modify the file I have the latest twrp installed on my nexus 4..any suggestions?..thanks for replying to my post..

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    How to install Lineage or Cyanogen OS for SAmsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (GT-N8020)?
    It’s possible to have an unofficial rom??




    Can you give some screenshot of the error and some more details about the ROM location from where are you downloading, TWRP version etc.

    I have a Nexus 4, may be I can try on my device and help you out.



    I think the bootloader cannot be unlocked on a Galaxy NOTE 3 AT&T (SM-N900A) variant.

    But if you have installed a TWRP as you have mentioned in your reply.

    I don’t see any Custom ROM made specifically for the NOTE 3 AT&T variant.
    In that case, try installing a ROM build made for the Galaxy NOTE 3 LTE variant.

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    Hi, I have a problem when I trying to install lineage OS 14.1 on my Lenovo K4 NOTE.
    when I trying to install on TWRP, I have a problem Updater Error 7.
    Can you help me??

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    This post will guide you How to Install Lineage OS on an Android phone or Tablet by using TWRP or any other custom Recovery. Here I will be sharing all the necessary steps, download links or files to install a Lineage OS On any Android device using a TWRP recovery.

    How to Install Lineage OS on Android


    Lineage OS is a custom Android Firmware and is a continuation work of CyanogenMod (meaning, Lineage OS is CyanogenMod from inside out). Many OEM manufactured devices usually come with AOSP (The Android Open Source Project) Android ROMs. This not always true. OEMs like: Samsung which has TouchWiz UI, HTC which has Sense UI, Xiaomi which has MIUI etc. The AOSP is the vanilla version of Android which is released to each OEM where they integrate their own changes or features or basically called as customizations on top of the Vanilla Android and customizes the actual AOSP ROM. CyanogenMod was the biggest Custom ROM and so the Lineage OS is, which is developed by the Developer Community (thousands of developers across the globe). Basically Lineage OS can give your phone the latest Android available till date (provided, some developer ports it for your device).

    In addition to the latest Android update, Lineage OS gives you many added features which the OEM’s stock ROMs does not have and sometimes even Google’s AOSP also lacks those features. For example: The dictionary feature on Android came around 4.3 (I don’t remember exactly when) but I had been using the same feature in CyanogenMod since Android 2.3. Just imagine how much the CyanogenMod custom ROM is ahead of even Google in terms of feature packing.




    Step By Step Guide.

    1. Download and copy the Lineage OS ROM to your phone.
    2. Now Boot your Android device into TWRP recovery (make sure you have installed a TWRP or any other custom recovery on your phone prior to this)

      You may power off and press the appropriate key combination for your phone to boot into recovery mode.
      Also you can execute the following command on a Command Console or a terminal:

      $ adb reboot recovery

      – this command requires ADB binaries to be installed on your PC
      – USB drivers for your phone
      USB debugging must be enabled on your phone

    3. Then Just Select Install from TWRP home screen, then navigate to the directory where you have kept the Custom ROM zip file and then select the Lineage OS ROM file and slide the Swipe to Confirm Flash on TWRP screen to start the Lineage OS installation on your phone.
    4. Wait for TWRP to flash the Lineage OS completely. Once the flashing is done, you may reboot your device.
      – before rebooting the device you may have to install the Lineage OS GApps on top of the Lineage OS ROM
    5. Profit!!! Your Android device will have the Lineage OS ROM installed. ENJOY.

    If you have any concerns or any difficulties on this guide then feel free to place a reply on this thread to get instant help.

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