Download & Install LG G4 AT&T h81020n Marshmallow OTA Update

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    LG G4 AT&T h81020n Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 OTA update has started rolling out. Here is a manual update guide for the LG G4 AT&T h81020n Marshmallow OTA update. The build number for the H81020N update is MRA58K. To be able to flash this OTA update you are advised to have the H81010o update version on your LG G4 AT&T. Basically we are going to download the OTA update file manually to the LG G4 AT&T there by simulating the scenario as if you have got the OTA automatically and execute the appropriate apps to install or apply the OTA update on top of your current firmware. As simple as that.

    First you can manually check for the update by going to Settings > About Phone > System updates > Check for update, and see if your device has received the OTA update. If not then you can follow this guide to update the OTA manually. Make sure to have a look on the DISCLAIMER below and understand the risks involved in updating the OTA manually.

    Installing the LG G4 AT&T H81020N OTA update manually may delete all the data on your phone. You may consider taking a backup on your Android before installing this update yourself. I don’t know if you are making any mistakes while following this guide and hence I cannot be held responsible for any disaster that may happen to your phone as part of this guide.

    LG G4 AT&T H81020N OTA Manual Update



    1. Download and install the LG USB drivers on your PC.
    2. Follow the appropriate guide to install ADB and Fastboot utilities on your PC.

      15 Seconds ADB Installer or Minimal ADB and Fastboot for Windows
      ADB and Fastboot installation guide on Linux/MAC.

    3. Download the H81020N OTA update file to your PC.
    4. Extract the OTA update. You will get a dpkgfile. Rename it to 20N.up [IMPORTANT].
    5. Enable USB Debugging on the LG G4 AT&T.

      – If you don’t knwo what am I talking of then just follow this guide which explains how to enable USB Debugging Options on your Android.

    6. Now connect your phone to the PC.
      – If the phone shows a message asking “Always allow from this computer” then just click on OK on the phone.
    7. Take a backup of all the data on your phone.
      – Follow this guide to Backup data on Android phone.
    8. Now copy the 20N.up file to the /sdcard/SoftwareUpdate/ directory on your phone.

      – You can execute the following command on a command console or a Terminal:

      $ adb push /path/to/20N.up/file /sdcard/SoftwareUpdate/

      Make sure the replace the actual file path in place of /path/to/20N.up/file

    9. Enter into the command shell on your LG G4.

      – Execute the following command to enter into LG G4’s command shell on your PC:

      $ adb shell
    10. Now execute the following command on the phone’s shell:
      am start -n com.lge.lgfota.permission/com.lge.lgfota.permission.DmcEzUpdateStart

    Cheers!!! After executing the above command just wait and relax for a while till the phone updates the OTA that you have put manually. If you have any concerns regarding this guide or you face some problems then just login and reply to this thread to get an instant assistance.

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