Parrot043 GCam 8.4

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  • This is a port of base GCam version 8.4.300 which is built by Parrot043 build version v1.4.

    Latest Build date: July 2022

    Changelog of Parrot043 8.4.300 V1.4:

    - Added visualization of the process of saving photos in the top curtain. Thanks BSG - Added rampatcher instead of libpatcher. Thanks eszdman - Added a separate macro module enable button - Added the ability to select FPS in the video when using add. lenses - Added the ability to use additional. lenses when using a quick photo via Vkontakte, Telegram, etc. resources - Added "camera.focus.debug" flag to see the focus debug - Added focus setting "Near", "Far", "Infinity". Thanks Nikita - Activated the description of "Google Lens" in the menu "More modes" - Activated forced stabilization when using the "Movement" function - New quick settings design activated for Android 10, 11 - Removed bar add. lenses on the front camera - Removed item "Enable AF / AE lock" - Removed night mode quick start shortmap - Fixed crashes when using the "File Compression" function - Fixed photo resolution on some devices - Fixed stabilization on OnePlus9 - Fixed slowdown mode on OnePlus9 - Fixed missing quick settings after switching from the "More modes" menu - Fixed some shortcomings of the modification

    ❗Install this version after uninstalling the previous version

    ❗Google Play protection will swear at this version and above, but there is nothing forbidden in the version.

    ❗ If the ID module is not selected correctly, the camera will crash until the data is cleared.

    ❤️ Thanks to DenypherPhoto for the cover.

    Supported devices:

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