MindTheGApps ARM 32-bit for Android 14

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This is MindTheGApps package for Android 14 and ARM 32-bit architecture ONLY.

Usually MindTheGApps comes only in one variant of package and that's it. There is no smaller or bigger variants of the package.

These Android 14 GApps are designed for LineageOS 21, crDroid 10 etc. and might not work on other AOSP based Android 14 ROMs such as the Pixel Experience 14, Evolution X 8 etc.

Last Updated: 25th October 2023


Available ARM 32-bit MindTheGApps for Android 14

  1. 25th October 234143
  2. 25th October 201049


MindTheGapps-14.0.0-arm-20231025_234143.zip (LATEST)Download
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  • Create Date November 5, 2023

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