Android 14 GApps Download

Google Apps or GApps for Android 14 is needed to be installed separately after flashing or installing an Android 14 custom ROM.

Google Apps such as, GMail, Google Maps, Google Management Service etc. are developed by Google that is why these are not included on a custom ROM build due to copyright reasons. This article lists all available GApps for Android 14 based custom ROMs such as: AOSP Android 14, LineageOS 21 etc.

These Android 14 GApps file comes in a .zip file package which can be installed via a TWRP recovery or any other custom recovery.

Android 14 GApps Download

Typically the GApps packages are available based on the architecture type such as: ARM64, ARM (32-bit) and x86 etc. and the same is true for Android 14 as well.

Not just the architecture, there are many flavors of the GApps such as: OpenGApps, BiTGApps, ExLiteGapps, FlameGApps, LiteGApps, NikGApps, MagiskGApps etc. out of which NikGApps and MidTheGApps are the widely used GApps for LineageOS or other Android custom ROMs.

As far as the credibility goes, as of now we have the FlameGApps working and I hope the others will follow very soon as the Android 14 source code has been released and we already have some custom ROMs already available.

LiteGApps for Android 14 – ARM64 and 32

As of now the official LiteGApps for Android 14 is NOT available, but there is an unofficial build available.
Below are the available Android 14 compatible LiteGApps builds to download.

NikGApps for Android 14 – ARM64

NikGApps provides wide range of options, survives across OTA updates, frequent updates etc. For Android 14, we have got 6 variants of packages available for ARM64, such as: Core, Go, Basic, Omni, Stock, Full.

NikGApps for Android 14 is brought to you by Nikhil Menhgani! If you like his work, a small contribution is very much appreciated:
Donate to Nikhil (the developer behind NikGApps)

MindTheGApps for Android 14

MintheGApps comes in a single package and there is no other variants of it. But, it is updated every month and comes from a very reputed developer who is also part of LineageOS core development engineering team.

Latest build date: 25th February 2024

BiTGApps for Android 14 – ARM (32-bit) and ARM64

BiTGApps for Android 14 comes in 4 package variants such as: CORE, MINI, OMNI, ROAR. Designed for better battery optimization, always upto date, you can set Google setup wizard optionally after reboot, and last but not the least; built-in SafetyNet patch etc.

Latest build date: 3rd March 2024

BiTGApps is created and maintained by TheHitMan7 (Kartik Verma), Kr Shivam and Viraj Mathur. If you like his work, a small contribution is very much appreciated to keep the project going:
Donate to Kartik (TheHitMan) (Lead developer behind BiTGApps project).

OpenGApps for Android 14 – ARM64

As of now the official OpenGApps for Android 14 has been discontinued hence the packages are NOT available.

FlameGApps for Android 14 – ARM64

FlameGApps project has been retired and there is no builds available for Android 14.

FlameGApps was created and maintained by ayandebnath. If you like his previous work, a small contribution is very much appreciated even if the project has been discontinued.
Donate to Ayan (the developer behind FlameGApps)

Summarizing from the download links, we have only LiteGApps, NikGApps, MindTheGApps and BiTGApps available for Android 14. OpenGApps and FlameGApps has been discontinued. I have still added those in the list just to make sure you know what is happening.

How to Install GApps on Android 14 ROM using TWRP Recovery?

All the GApps for Android 14 are built in a zip file format which is designed to be flashed through TWRP recovery or any custom recovery. So, you need to have a custom recovery to be able to install GApps on any Android 14 ROM.

This GApps is only for Android 14 based custom ROMs. Installing this GApps on any other Android custom ROM may result in bootloop.

Below is a step by step guide to install GApps on Android 14:

  1. Download and copy the Android 14 GApps zip file to your phone.
  2. Restart your phone into TWRP recovery mode.- Power off the phone and then press and hold the Power + Volume Up button to boot into recovery mode.
  3. Select Install from TWRP home screen, then navigate to the directory where you have copied the Android 14 GApps zip file and then select the GApps zip file and slide the Swipe to Confirm Flash on TWRP screen to install the GApps.
  4. Wait for TWRP to install the Google Apps (GApps).
  5. Once the flashing is done just reboot your phone, setup Google account and ENJOY.

That’s all on this Android 14 GApps download article for Android 14 based custom ROMs. If you find some GApps which is not included in this post, then please take a step forward to add a link in the comments section. I will verify and include the link into this list as early as possible.

If you are facing any issues while installing GApps on Android 14 custom ROM then just leave a comment with the problem details to get an instant reply. Stay tuned for more Android 14 updates.

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