BSG GCam 8.6

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BSG GCam 8.6

This is a GCam APK port of base version 8.6.263 and BSG version v5 (latest) which is built by developer BSG.

Click on the dropdown box and scroll down to get the latest version of this port in the end of the list.

Build date: October 2022

Changelog of GCam 8.6.263_V5 by BSG:

- "Saturation Light and Shadow" moved to "Correction settings", "Sharpen" moved to "Filters settings"
- added to the "Additional settings" modules: "Filters settings"(Noise micro darkness(amount, radius, details), Noise macro darkness(amount, radius, details), Noise macro darkness(amount, radius, details), Noise micro shadow (amount, radius, details), Noise macro shadow(amount, radius, details), Noise macro shadow(amount, radius, details)).
- added to the "Additional settings" modules: "Raw Filers settings"(Colorfulness, Dehaze, Smoothing micro, Smoothing macro, Smoothing mega, Micro texture, Underexposure, CONTOUR(Multiplier, White, Black, Color), Saber cutoff).
- Fixed work on some devices.
- Found errors in the work of the modification have been fixed.

Changelog of GCam 8.6.263_V1 by BSG:

- Bugs in work were fixed, and all fixes from version 8.5.300 were added to the modification, for stable operation on different devices.
- "Forced astro" and google awb added to the top curtain (divided into modules and modes)
- Added "black level" to the settings
After setting the value, "Interface" and "Model" will be reset to default.

Changelog of GCam 8.6.263_V0 by BSG:

- First release 8.6.263
- The modification works starting with Android 11 (does not work on Android 10 or lower)
- Added to the settings: "Interface", "Hardware level", "Activate HDRNet", "Camera resolution" (item "maximum"), divided into modules: "Model", "Preview format".

Supported devices:

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  1. Pyae Sone Win says:


  2. Davey says:

    Hi I have tried various Google Camera downloads for Galaxy A11 with Android 12.
    I keep getting App is not compatible with this phone.
    The phone is stock (no mods, no root, just apps)
    I ran the camera2 compatibility check and got all ticks.

    Am I missing something?

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