Top 5 VR games for Android in 2019

Virtual Reality headsets were in huge demands in 2017-18. It became a huge craze to buy one VR headset and there were a lot of alternatives to it like the cardboard VR that Google also promoted. But, the main problem was that there was very limited content for the user to enjoy and if we talk about games, they were almost non-existent. Now, there are a huge number of VR headsets available that are cheap and gets the job done.

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Moreover, the content for VR headsets has also seen a rise in recent days. And not only that, but you can also see a lot of improvements in terms of performance, graphics, responsiveness, and more. In this article, I have tried to narrow it down to the top 5 VR games for Android in 2019. Let get straight into the article;

Top 5 VR games for Android in 2019

Note that you need a dedicated VR Headset along with a smartphone, in order to play thegames mentioned in this list. You can buy VR Headsets from various e-commerce websites for very low price.

1. Sachin Saga VR

After the super success of Sachin Saga Android game, JetSynthesis Inc. has brought another game for cricket fans but, this time for VR gaming. The Sachin Saga has forayed into the VR genre. This is the world’s first multiplayer cricket game. You can as the “Master” himself, Sachin Tendulkar and play his journey in this game. There is a multiplayer mode that feels like you are actually facing the bowler due to its amazing VR technology.

You get 360-degree gameplay experience which looks fab while playing with the VR headset ON. But, the downside is that you need proper Sachin Saga Pro Gaming controller for proper functionality. The controls are easy yet hard to master, and the graphics great as compared to other cricket games available on the Play Store.

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2. VR X-Racer – Aero Racing Games

X-racer is a good aerospace racing game, and this game is the VR compatible version of the game. Moreover, you get two modes with this game i.e; hand mode race and reality mode race. It has superb graphics and is compatible with any controller and VR headset. It is an endless game that gets you engaged from the beginning. As the game progresses, the difficulty also increases and it gets more challenging.

The games are enjoyable and get you thrilled as long as you can remain alive within the game. The controls are simple, and you just need to avoid hitting the obstacles by swiping right or left to move side by side. There are different color modes for your spaceship and also various spaceships to buy.

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3. Sisters

A horror game is available for the VR headset gaming. I feel this game lets you enjoy the Virtual Reality in a more real way. Because while moving around in the game, you will come across some horror moments that will definitely feel real. The game has 360-degree audio and video immersive gameplay. Moreover, it is recommended to play with a headphone as well to experience the real horror of the game.

The game is a bit buggy though but with updates, it is expected to get good. You can use the cardboard VR headset as well to enjoy this game. The graphics are good and offers 64-bit graphic visuals. The controls are also easy and you need to move around and pick up objects within the game.

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4. Zombie Shooter VR

Zombie Shooter VR is a virtual reality game, where you need to kill to survive. The post-apocalyptic world is full of zombies and they want just one thing, blood!. But, there are several weapons to get yourself ahead in the game. There are also different gameplay environments within the game. The game is also compatible with all the VR headset. It also offers 360-degree VR experience.

Zombie Shooter VR

This is a freemium game. You can enjoy the game during the trial period but, in order to gain full access to the game, you need to buy the premium version. The controls are nice and with updates, it will get better.

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5. Romans from Mars 360

Romans from Mars 360 is a Virtual Reality, fun and quirky game. You play as a Roman soldier and you have to defend your army with your crossbow. Moreover, there are fictional powerups like Earth, Fire, Ice, and Lightning to defeat your enemies. The gameplay is super fun and gets you engaged from the start. The controls are also very easy and you get hands-free movement.

Other features of the game include the endless battle against Martians determined to take over Earth, You can even upgrade your crossbow ballista to create the ultimate weapon of destruction. The gameplay is immersive and you dive into a colorful 360-degree virtual world.

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That’s it from my side in this article. Please note that some games require a special device like the controller to play them like the Sachin Saga game. If you could play it without the special controller please let us know it in the comments. The games are immersive and let you enjoy a great 360-degree virtual world.

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