Which Lineage OS devices get security updates

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    When I go to this page, https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/ for a lot of the devices the web page says that the device is not currently supported.  Does that mean that you cannot put the custom rom of Android 9.0 on it?  Can it still get security updates for whatever rom was developed for the device.  For example, if a rom based on Android 8.0 was developed for it, will it still get the Android 8.0 security updates?

    I am new to custom roms, so sorry if I am asking in the wrong place, or anything.




    In real world scenario, any Android certified device gets security patches regularly.
    An Android Certified device is one which passes Google CTS (Compatibility Test Suite).

    For custom ROM like LineageOS 16, anyway they are not CTS qualified hence, they won’t be updated with security patches by Google but the security patches are added to LineageOS code as early as possible by LineageOS devs.

    You can see the following reddit link for more information:

    How do Android security updates work with LineageOS? from LineageOS

    There is this soft concept of OFFICIAL Lineage OS and an UNOFFICIAL Lineage OS build.
    An official Lineage OS build must comply with following requirements by LineageOS team:

    On the other hand, an unofficial Lineage OS build is one which does not comply with Lineage OS device requirements and has been built and maintained by an individual developer.
    This is possible because LineageOS is an open source project. Anyone can download the code and build it or port it to any device.

    Here is the OFFICIAL Lineage OS 16 and UNOFFICIAL Lineage OS 16 build.

    In short, OFFICIAL LineageOS 16 NIGHTLY builds will have the security updates in them by default.

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