TWRP Recovery for ZTE Prestige 2 and ROOT guide

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    TWRP Recovery for ZTE prestige 2 (n9136) is now available to download. This post guides how to download and install TWRP on ZTE prestige 2 and also guides how to ROOT ZTE prestige 2 (using TWRP recovery).

    The TWRP recovery for ZTE Prestige 2 is brought to you by developer(s) yshalsager.


    If you like this ROM then do consider for a contribution to yshalsager and TWRP project:
    Donate to yshalsager
    Donate to TWRP’s Lead developer

    [su_note note_color=”#F9D9D9″ text_color=”#AA4343″ radius=”3″ class=”” id=””]DISCLAIMER:

    [su_note note_color=”#FBF4DD” text_color=”#A38C68″ radius=”3″ class=”” id=””]INSTALLING THE TWRP FOR ZTE prestige 2 NEEDS AN UNLOCK BOOTLOADER ON ZTE prestige 2.

    [su_note note_color=”#F9D9D9″ text_color=”#AA4343″ radius=”3″ class=”” id=””]ZTE prestige 2 ROOT MAY BRICK THE PHONE.
    Before proceeding further you may consider backup all data on the phone.[/su_note]

    You are the only person making changes to your phone and I cannot be held responsible for the mistakes done by you.


    TWRP Recovery for ZTE Prestige 2 and ROOT guide


    – TWRP version: 3.x.x
    – Supported Android Version: Android 6.0
    – Built from – OmniROM AOSP source
    – Custom ROM supported: AOSP or AOSP based Android Marshmallow 6.0 ROM





    1. Connect the ZTE prestige 2 to the PC using the USB cable and install required USB driver
    2. Install 15 Seconds ADB Installer or Minimal ADB and Fastboot on Windows or Linux or MAC as per the PC you have
    3. Reboot the ZTE prestige 2 into bootloader mode and Unlock bootloader of ZTE prestige 2
    4. Then, on your PC, go to the directory where you have downloaded the TWRP for ZTE prestige 2 and then open the command console or terminal on this directory on your PC.

      [su_note note_color=”#D7E3F4″ text_color=”#728095″ radius=”3″ class=”” id=””]- To open a command window on Windows OS in the current directory, press shift + Right Click anywhere on Windows explorer, or some folder.
      – Then on the menu opened, just press the “w” key on the keyboard or select “Open command window here” to open a command window.[/su_note]

    5. Now connect your phone to the PC using a USB cable, if not connected yet.
    6. Enter the following command on the opened command window:
      adb reboot bootloader

      to put your phone into bootloader mode where you can flash/install TWRP for ZTE prestige 2.
      [su_note note_color=”#D7E3F4″ text_color=”#728095″ radius=”3″ class=”” id=””]If your phone asks for permission; such as “Allow USB debugging” then just tap on OK to proceed.[/su_note]

    7. Now when your phone is on the bootloader mode just execute the following command on the console:
      fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.2.x.x-xxx.img

      [su_note note_color=”#D7E3F4″ text_color=”#728095″ radius=”3″ class=”” id=””]While executing this command make sure to replace the twrp-3.2.x.x-xxx.img with the actual filename of the TWRP for ZTE prestige 2[/su_note]

    8. Wait for the fastboot command to install the TWRP for ZTE prestige 2.
      Once it is done, execute the below command:

      fastboot reboot recovery

      on the command console to start the phone in TWRP recovery mode.

    [su_note note_color=”#D8F1C6″ text_color=”#769958″ radius=”3″ class=”” id=””]That’s all. You should have the TWRP installed on your ZTE prestige 2.[/su_note]

    You may now want to ROOT ZTE prestige 2 or may want to install some custom ROM or want to explore what else can you do with this TWRP? Head over to the following section to know more.

    What to do after you install TWRP for ZTE prestige 2:

    • You can enable ZTE prestige 2 ROOT access
    • You can install one of the custom ROMs available for ZTE prestige 2
    • You can install some of the mods available for ZTE prestige 2

    Well, this isn’t it. You can install customized themes, sound mods, Xposed modules etc. after installing the TWRP for ZTE prestige 2.
    TWRP recovery is the gateway to many goodies for your phone.

    Now, if you want to ROOT ZTE prestige 2 then below is a step-by-step by guide for the same.


    [su_note note_color=”#D7E3F4″ text_color=”#728095″ radius=”3″ class=”” id=””]Make sure you have already unlocked the bootloader and installed TWRP for ZTE prestige 2

    – Well, this is a very important aspect to enable ROOT for ZTE prestige 2. The SuperSU zip file is developed in a way to be installed via a TWRP recovery or other custom recovery. Stock recovery may not be able install this SuperSU or Magisk ROOT on ZTE prestige 2.[/su_note]


    • The ZTE prestige 2 will not be rooted just by installing the SuperSU APK file on your Android phone.
    • SuperSU APK Free or Pro version is just a SuperSU ROOT management application.
    • The SuperSU APK Free or Pro app will ONLY work if you have already ROOTED your Android Phone.


    Step-by-Step guide on how to ROOT ZTE prestige 2 using SuperSU or Magisk zip file:


    1. Download and copy the SuperSU or Magisk ROOT file to ZTE prestige 2. (I hope you have already downloaded the SuperSU zip file from the above downloads section)
    2. Now restart the ZTE prestige 2 to boot into TWRP recovery.
    3. Then, Select the Install from TWRP home screen, then select the SuperSU ROOT zip file from the file browser.
    4. Flash or install the SuperSU or Magisk zip file for ZTE prestige 2, by Sliding the Swipe to Confirm Flash on TWRP screen.

      Here is a screenshot how to flash the SuperSU ROOT for ZTE prestige 2 via TWRP:
      Flash SuperSU ROOT for ZTE prestige 2 via TWRP

    5. Wait for TWRP to flash the SuperSU or the Magisk. Once the flashing is done just reboot your device.
    6. Profit!!! You should now have a ZTE prestige 2 ROOT enabled phone.

    How to check if ROOT is enabled on ZTE prestige 2 or NOT?

    Install the ROOT checker app from the Play Store and verify if your phone is ROOTED or not.

    If you face any problems on this guide to install TWRP for ZTE prestige 2 or to following the ZTE prestige 2 root guide then, you can login and reply here. Either me or some other user on this forum will reply back to your query as soon as possible.

    Stay tuned or Subscribe to the ZTE prestige 2 (n9136) forum For other Android Custom ROMs, Lineage OS ROMs, and all other device specific topics.


    Linux User

    It is possible to root without fastboot, but it’s often a bit more involved.

    I don’t have the phone on hand at the moment, but this should work.

    Enable adb debugging in developer mode settings

    Connect PC via adb

    send adb reboot disemmcwp (this disables system write protection, wooooo!)

    Use a method to root, unfortunately the easiest is also one of the dirtiest, Kingoroot….


    Now, to flash twrp to replace your stock recovery you can use Flashify.

    Now you have twrp and root, no need for fastboot.


    All that said, of course the rep didn’t help, they aren’t trained to help you circumvent protections on their hardware. It’s becoming a bit of a trend for cheaper devices to ship without fastboot, but there is always a way, if you’re willing to dig in.

    Linux User

    I don’t quite know how to say this politely so I will be blunt.

    You are full of sh… I am no developer and just started trying to Root my ZTE Prestige 2 about 3 days ago I have downloaded countless methods used many different tutorials even tried the easy one click roots with no luck.

    See the problem is that ZTE Prestige 2 does not and NEVER will recognize any Fastboot commands because Fastboot is not and never will be a part of the ZTE Prestige 2 code or OS.  Let me explain in a bit further detail.

    While using ADB commands the phone responds as it should

    adb devices lists the device and recognizes the serial number and will even tell me when my phone is offline when I lose internet connection. Like it is supposed to.

    adb reboot does exactly that it reboots the phone

    adb reboot recovery  reboots the device into recovery mode  as advertised

    and here is where the trouble starts

    adb reboot bootloader  reboots the phone normally same way that adb reboot reboots the phone.  I must have missed something so I hit the forums..Oh sh*t it says I was supposed to download and install Java  for some of the commands or features of  ADB and Fastboot  to work properly.  So I BEGRUDGINGLY install Java. Same thing all the ADB commands work as they are supposed to up until adb reboot-bootloader( not sure if the hyphen is correct but I have tried both ways with and without the hyphen) OK. so now what.  Well it says here that I should create a symbolic link in the directories Path. So I read up on how to do that and SURPRISE still no change in how adb reboot bootloader responds to the command. Ok well nothing seems to be working let me try this. I run adb reboot recovery  and then try running  fastboot devices  I knew it was a long shot but I was met with a response I was not expecting  fastboot is not a internal or external command 

    But how can that be every forum i have read has said that fastboot is essential to unlocking the bootloader (I know that the command is supposed to be issued in bootloader mode) but it should still be atleast recognized as a command of some sort.  So after more reading and more failed attempts I decide it has got to be the OEM Drivers that has t o be the key to it all. So I download and install the Google USB drivers from a portion of the SDK studio (which by the way took me a while to figure out how to install the Google drivers on top of the OEM drivers because Windows was absolutely convinced that the OEM drivers were superior to the Google USB drivers) but even after that the outcome was always the same.

    Finally I came to the conclusion the only way I am going to get into bootloader menu is if I do it manually and with any luck from there I can issue the fastboot commands needed to run the only command I was trying desperately to get to the fastboot oem unlock because that would at the very least give me the chance to brick this piece of sh…I was quite frustrated at this point.

    So I start fumbling with keys trying to remember how I manually booted phones into various modes when I worked as a sales/repair man at a Sprint store some 14-15 years ago.  After much trial and error I booted into recovery mode manually by holding the power and volume down keys and for just a split second I saw the little droid laying on his back as the screen flickered and the menu for recovery pops up with the options reboot, factory reset, clear cache partition,  but the next two options got me thinking..install update from ADB, or install update from SD card.. naw that would be to easy so I reboot and decide well the next logical step is to use the power and volume up keys. After many many many failed attempts I finally get something to happen and I was quite excited I thought that after a few days and more hours than i care to count my perseverance is about to pay off…..wrong. FTM mode so I try again and still not quite sure how I did it but at some point my  phone was rebooting like it normally does but on the bottom left hand corner of my home screen it said  safe mode which I honestly was not aware my phone had a safe mode. Still have no clue how I did it but it did happen more than once.

    Finally I have had enough its been days and nights of  racking my brain, pouring through forums, sitting through countless downloads and I am still no closer to running bootloader than the day I started not a single thing changed in any attempt I tried. So I wave the white flag I surrender I pick up my phone and I get on my My Boost app and I begin texting with customer support and I explain to the rep that I have been trying to figure out how to boot my phone into fastboot mode for days now  and she expresses a bit of false sympathy and reassures me she will do everything she can to help resolve my issue.  and for a little while there are no messages as I sit there still pondering the thought of  install update from ADB and install update from SD card and that split second flash of the little android laying on his back.

    After a few minutes the customer support rep messages back that she has a solution for me.  To start power off your device…and i knew what she was going to say next …now press the power key for 1-2 seconds and the press and hold the volume up key …and hold both keys until you are in Boot mode …I explained that I have tried that for more hours than I cared to admit and the results are always the same. I go to FTM or recovery modes depending which volume key I press…but I will give it a shot.

    She then tells me that if that doesnt work I will need to contact my device specialists ..stupidly I ask her if she meant boost tech support. she says no ZTE are your device specialists and here is their number…So I end the chat session with Ivy who was very helpful  I was honestly expecting her to tell me that she can not help with issues such as boot mode or recovery  since they seemingly go through great lengths to prevent people from modding their devices in such ways….

    So now I am very skeptical of the solution that Ivy found for me so I immediately call ZTE customer support.

    I explain to Shelly pretty much what I told Ivy except when I mention fastboot or bootloader or boot mode to Shelly she has no clue what I am talking about so I try to explain to her what I mean and she informs me that She has never heard  these terms before and that this particular ZTE device does not have a boot mode and that the only mode this device has that is similar to what I am referring to as fastboot mode is recovery…

    So I got a bit curious and started asking some questions that I have been pondering ever since I saw install update with ADB and install update with SD card so I ask Shelly if I  were to download a custom ROM to my SD card and  change the name of the ROM to update and then factory reset and wipe my cache partition of my device would I be able to install the custom ROM to my device and she gets kind of quite and secretive sounding  “you mean like jail breaking your phone?” and I am all like “yeeeah”  she replies “well I can’t tell you if it will or won’t in fact we are not even supposed to discuss this with customers but what I can tell you and all I can tell you is it will void your warranty.” ………..THATS ALL THE CONFIRMATION I NEED…

    But to the OP why you spreading a tutorial around that you know can’t work because as the ZTE customer rep confirmed  ZTE Prestige 2 doesn’t even have Bootloader mode so any kind of fastboot command can not be recognized no matter what you do and ALL roots require you to first unlock the oem bootloader and you can’t unlock a mode that doesn’t exist on the device and you cant input a command for a mode that doesn’t exist and never has ..not in 6.0 and not in 6.0.1. so what do you get out of spreading a false tutorial?….????

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