Rooting Galaxy ALPHA and installing TWRP custom recovery

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    This guide will tell you how to rooting Galaxy ALPHA and how to install a TWRP custom recovery on your Samsung Galaxy ALPHA (SM-G850F). A custom recovery is the world to some beautiful custom ROMs for your device. If you agree with me then you do understand the need of a custom recovery for a device. Samsung Galaxy ALPHA was recently released to market and today we have the TWRP custom recovery for that. With this first custom recovery you will also see some custom ROMs like Cyanogenmod 12, Paranoid Android and more for Samsung Galaxy ALPHA in near future.

    After installing TWRP recovery you can install many android mods such as GCam APK, enable navigation gesture, enable face unlock, viper4android etc. and many more.

    Installing custom recovery on your device may VOID your warranty and may delete all your data. Before proceeding further you may consider backup your all data. Understand the fact that you are the only person responsible for everything that you do with you device. If you blame me for a disaster that happened to your device then I will simply laugh at you.

    Galaxy Alpha rooting and TWRP recovery
    [Galaxy Alpha TWRP Custom recovery and Rooting guide]

    Before going into details make sure that you have the following things in hand to start with the recovery installation guide.

    Things required for Rooting Galaxy ALPHA and installing TWRP custom recovery guide:


    You may follow the below link to backup all the data on your android device:
    Step by step guide to take full backup of your phone data

    STEP by STEP recovery installation guide for Galaxy ALPHA:

    If you already have ROOT then follow this process to flash the recovery easily.
    Download the latest recovery file in img format from the above link and copy it in the sdcard.
    Access to your phone’s console by using adb or terminal emulator app and type the below commands:

    $ su
    # dd if=/sdcard/recoveryfilename.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p10

    That’s all.
    And make sure that you enter the command right.

    If you don’t have ROOT on your phone then follow this below guide.

    STEP 1:

    Put your phone into download mode.

    Press and hold these three buttons until you see a WARNING SCREEN! to enter into the download mode:
    Volume DOWN keys + Power key + Home key

    When you see the WARNING SCREEN press the volume UP key to continue into the recovery mode.

    STEP 2:

    Open the ODIN application on your PC.
    Connect your phone(while it is still in the download mode) to the PC using a USB cable.
    ODIN will show an Added! message on the message box.

    Device added on ODIN
    [Device added on the ODIN screen]

    STEP 3:

    Click on the AP button on the ODIN application and select the CWM recovery file.

    Click on AP, Select the recovery file
    [Click on the AP button and select the recovery file]

    STEP 4:

    Select the appropriate options before flashing the recovery image.
    only the Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time
    Make sure all other boxes are un-checked.

    Select Options in ODIN
    [Select the options]

    STEP 5:

    Select the start button, which will start the flashing process.
    When you get the PASS message, then your phone will reboot automatically.

    Wait till ODIN shows Pass
    [Click on Start and wait till it completes]

    You may disconnect your phone and proceed for the next process from here on.

    Rooting Galaxy ALPHA using the custom recovery:

    Rooting guide will only work after the custom recovery installation.
    If you will SKIP the custom recovery installation process and perform only these steps then rooting will not be done.

    STEP 1:

    Copy the Flashable ROOTing zip file that you have downloaded to your SD card.

    STEP 2:

    Press and hold these three buttons until you see a WARNING SCREEN! to enter into the recovery mode:
    Volume UP keys + Power key + Home key

    When you see the WARNING SCREEN press the volume UP key to continue into the recovery mode.

    STEP 3:

    Select the Install option in the TWRP recovery screen and Select the zip file where you have kept in the SD card.
    Wait for the flashing to be done and then reboot your phone.

    After successfully completing all the above mentioned steps your device will be rooted. That’s all… have fun.

    Stay tuned or Subscribe to the Galaxy Alpha forum For upcoming Android Nougat ROMs, CyanogenMod Custom ROMs, other ROMs and all other device specific topics.


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