Request Lineage 15.1 for HTC One X9 (2ps5200)

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    Hello there!

    I have an HTC One X9 (2ps5200) which I have rooted and would very much like to be able to flash the Lineage 15.1 Oreo rom to. I would be greatly obliged if this could be placed in the development program or alternatively please advise if one of the existing HTC builds was suitable for my device.

    The device specs are attached.

    Many thanks for all development work to date and also in advance for your potential assistance…


    Please, i also have the HTC ONE X9, Lineage or Oreo is highly needed for this device, Please developers we need your assistance.


    I have HTC One x9 ,I need lineage is 15.1 for my phone ,please make custom rims for HTC One x9,so many people need lineage is for HTC One x9 ,so developers need to do this. please..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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