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    If you are looking to unlock your Mediatek device’s bootloader then Here I have brought you a step by step guide on how to unlock bootloader on Mediatek device. Bootloader unlock on Mediatek device will open up a whole new world of possibilities for the device such as custom ROM, custom recovery, mods etc.

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    How to Unlock Bootloader on a Mediatek Device

    Why to Unlock Bootloader on the Mediatek Device

    Most of the Android phone manufacturers now a days lock the bootloader, so as to prevent modification of the stock firmware or software that is installed on the Android phone regardless of Mediatek chipset based or other.

    A bootloader is a software code that runs when an Android phone is powered up, whose job is to load the boot image then rest of the software will be loaded by the boot image.

    So, when you are powering up the phone or entering into recovery mode, there is a boot kernel that is loaded by the bootloader to memory to execute. The bootloader is locked to make sure the bootable image always remains the same and cannot be altered.

    To be able to alter or modify the bootable image to be loaded by the bootloader, you need to unlock the bootloader.

    What you can do after Unlocking Bootloader on Mediatek phone

    Well, after unlocking the bootloader, you are free to flash or install any bootable image you want to.
    But still it is not easy. You cannot just install anything into it.

    Every Android phone has a recovery mode which is usually used to recover the Android phone if the phone software has gone bad or to reset phone to factory mode etc.
    To be able to alter the stock Android software or to install any other Android Custom ROM to your Mediatek phone you need to first install a custom recovery image.

    TWRP is a popular custom recovery available for many or almost all Android phones out there.
    After installing the TWRP recovery to your Mediatek phone you can ROOT your phone, install LineageOS, or any other custom ROM or you can install mods, etc.

    Now, How to Unlock Bootloader on any Mediatek Device

    I believe you are clear why we need to unlock bootloader on Mediatek phone or any Android phone. If not, you can always reply to this thread if you have any doubt on this.

    Before you unlock bootloader on your Mediatek Device, make sure you have the following:

    Step by Step guide to Unlock bootloader on Mediatek Phone:

    Many Mediatek phones are already bootloader unlocked. Which means you don’t need to unlock bootloader on your Mediatek Phone at all.

    Before following the below steps to unlock bootloader on your Mediatek phone, check if you already have an unlocked bootloader
    How to check if bootloader is unlocked or not

    If you see your device’s bootloader is locked then you can follow the below steps to unlock the bootloader on any Mediatek Phone:
    Make sure you have already installed ADB and fastboot utilities on your PC.
    You have installed USB drivers for your Mediatek phone.

    1. Download and install the ADB and Fastboot binaries using the above installer download link for Windows or Linux or MAC.
    2. Enable USB Debugging under Developer Options, to make the device accessible via ADB.

      – If you don’t know how to do this then here is How to Enable Developer Options and How to Enable USB Debugging and OEM unlock.

    3. Open the command console on your PC. To open a command window in the current directory in Windows, press shift + Right Click anywhere on Windows explorer, or some folder.

      – Then on the menu opened, just press the “w” key on the keyboard or select “Open command window here” to open a command window.

    4. Now connect your Android to the PC using a USB cable.
    5. Enter the following command on the command window: adb reboot bootloader to put your Android into bootloader mode where you can unlock the bootloader

      – If your Android device asks permission such as “Allow USB debugging” then just tap on OK to proceed.

    6. Execute the following fastboot command from the bootloader mode to know the bootloader unlock status:
      fastboot devices

      – If you see a device Id in the output then your phone is accessible via fastboot.
      – If not check if you have proper drivers installed or not.
      – you may uninstall and re-install the USB drivers for your device and try again.

    7. Then execute the following fastboot command to unlock the bootloader:
      fastboot oem unlock

    Sometimes, you cannot unlock bootloader on Mediatek device by following this guide, if the OEM has some other way to unlock bootloader. Such as a Motorola device. To unlock a Motorola phone’s bootloader you need an unlock code which needs to be given to the fastboot oem unlock command.

    To unlock a Mediatek based Motorola device’s bootloader you need to follow how to unlock bootloader on Motorola phone.

    How to check if Bootloader is unlocked on your Mediatek device or not

    Check bootloader unlock status using dialer app method:

    1. Open the dialer app and enter the following code: *#*#7378423#*#*
      this will open a window.
      If there is no window opened then you need to check the bootloader status by executing fastboot command on a PC which is in the next method.
    2. Once the window opens, go to Service Info > Configuration
      On the next window you will see one of the following info:

      Bootloader unlock allowed - Yes
      – This means that the Bootloader is Locked

      Bootloader Unlocked - Yes
      – This means that the Bootloader is already unlocked


    Check bootloader unlock status using fastboot method:

    1. Restart your Mediatek Phone into bootloader mode.

      – Power off the phone
      – Press appropriate key combination for your phone while pressing the power button

      – If you don’t know key combination for bootloader mode on your phone then just connect your phone to your PC (while the phone is in power on state) and execute the following ABD command:
      adb reboot bootloader

    2. Open a command prompt or a terminal and execute the following fastboot command from the bootloader mode to know the bootloader unlock status:
      fastboot oem device-info
    3. – Among other info you will see the following:
      Device unlocked: true if the bootloader is unlocked or false if the bootloader is locked

    If you are having trouble following this guide, then login and reply here. I will address all your queries as far as possible.

    Linux User

    Hi, I’ve got an issue with my bootloader, which seems to sit at showing “Fastboost mode =>” only.


    If I write anything into CMD, such as fastboot oem device-info, It just shows “…” forever on. Seems to happen after writing any line with OEM in it.


    What am I doing wrong?




    I think it is a problem with the fastboot USB drivers.
    Have you installed USB driver for Mediatek phone?

    Linux User

    Nothing of this works on BLU Energy X 2.

    Do you know a reliable way to unlock its bootloader?

    Linux User

    Hello Dear. Can’t unlock bootloader on elephone U (mtk). ADB is not a command (fastboot oem unlock). The response from the team FILED <remote: Unlock optration is not allowed). Drivers are correct, the command (fastboot devices) passes, the device is defined. What am I doing wrong?

    Linux User

    Hi, in order to install TWRP on my MEDIATEK Tablet, I had completed all steps above with configuration below;
    1. Installed 15 Seconds ADB Installer version 1.4.3
    2. Installed Minimal ADB and Fastboot version 1.4.3
    3. Installed MEDIATEK SP Driver version
    4. Turn ON Mediatek Tablet Android 8.1 Oreo (USB not connected to WINDOWS 10 laptop)
    5. Connect Mediatek Tablet Android 8.1 Oreo to WINDOWS 10 via USB cable (Tablet is Power ‘ON’)
    6. Open cmd.exe as administrator in WINDOWS 10
    7. Typed command ‘adb devices’ in command prompt
    8. Result came out 16 Digits Serial Number ‘XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX device’
    9. Typed command ‘adb reboot bootloader’ in command prompt
    10. Tablet rebooted into Fastboot mode (‘=> FASTBOOT mode…” shown on tablet display)
    11. Typed command ‘fastboot devices’ in command prompt
    12. Result came out 16 Digits Serial Number ‘XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX fastboot’
    13. Typed command ‘fastboot oem unlock’ in command prompt
    14. Result came out on tablet display: “Unlock bootloader? If you unlock the bootloader, you will be able to install custom operating system software on this phone. A custom OS is not subject to the same testing as the original OS, and can cause your phone and installed applications to stop working properly. To prevent unauthorized access to your personal data, unlocking the bootloader will also delete all personal data from your phone (a “factory data reset”). Press the volume UP/Down buttons to select Yes or No. Yes (Volume Up) : Unlock (may void warranty). No (Volume Down):Do not unlock bootloader.”
    15. Pressed “UP” button on tablet.
    16. Unfortunately, Error Result came out on command prompt (bootloader) ;

    “Start unlock flow

    FAILED (remote:
    Unlock failed – Err:0x7000
    finished. total time: 443.123s ”

    Note :
    Tablet Specs summary from CPU-Z apps as below;
    MEDIATEK MT6797 10x ARM Cortex-A7 2.5GHz , Rev r0p4, GPU Mali-450 MP, 8GB RAM
    Tablet Specs summary from “Chinese character” boot as below :
    BB Chip : MT6592, MS Board : tablePC, Kernel Ver. : 3.4.67 (root@twd)

    Can anyone advice what is Err:0x7000 and why Unlock failed by following steps in this post ?

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.



    Is there any other method given from the device manufacturer to unlock the bootloader for your phone?

    Linux User

    Just found another method my friend said can I use Miracle Box method. Lets try it.



    Is the Miracle Box free to use?

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