OnePlus Android 14 Update List

As of now Android 13 is not yet arrived for many and we have got the Android 14 for several OnePlus phones. As of now (12th May 2023) OnePlus 11 is the only phone to get Android 14 Beta program Developer Preview 1.

And, of course, it is needless to say that this has many more problems than you can ever imagine. But hopefully things will stabilize over the period of time.

In this post you will get OnePlus Android 14 update for all officially supported phones. SOme of the old OnePlus phones which will not get official update, but I will still maintain a list of available custom ROMs through which you can still have Android 14.

OnePlus Android 14 download


OnePlus Android 14 Download List

Phone ModelAndroid 14 Download LinksAndroid 13 Rollback linksRemarks
OnePlus 11Android 14 BETA:

OnePlus 11 NA Version

OnePlus 11 IN Version

OnePlus 11 EU Version

OnePlus 11 GLO Version
Android 13 STABLE:

OnePlus 11 NA Version

OnePlus 11 IN Version

OnePlus 11 EU Version

OnePlus 11 GLO Version
Known issues on Android 14 Beta:
- WLAN malfunctions in certain scenarios
- Connection fails when casting to a TV display
- Red screen is seen when switching from Guest mode to Owner mode in certain scenarios
- Manual connection fails after the phone is disconnected from the tablet
- WeChat calls may not ring with Bluetooth headsets
- Red screen flashes when creating a new calendar
- Screen freezes when taking picture with the front camera in WhatsApp


As of now, only the OnePlus 11 has got Android 14 update that too it is in BETA and a Developer Preview build from the OnePlus software team.It is not recommended for you to try this one on the phone if you use it as a daily driver.

But hopefully FIXes will come soon and just stay tuned to get a comprehensive list of Android 14 download for all supported and non-supported OnePlus phones.

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