How to Root Redmi 10X Using TWRP and Magisk

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If you are looking to root the Redmi 10X, then this is the one for you! With the TWRP for Redmi 10X is already available, it is easier to root by flashing Magisk!

As of now, the very popular SuperSU zip rooting script is not supported since many years. The only method left is the Magisk rooting.

So, in this article I am using Magisk to root Redmi 10X.

How to Root Redmi 10X


Magisk is an incredible development towards Rooting on Android which is developed and maintained by John Wu. If you like his work, consider a donation:
Donate to topjohnwu

Required Downloads to Root Redmi 10X

Before rooting the Redmi 10X, you need to install few things. The below list provides all the required resources.

A Word of Caution before flashing Magisk on Redmi 10X!

When Magisk is installed it alters some of the system files so, it may bring bootloop or some inconsistent behavior.
But nothing to worry as it can be reversed completely to bring back to its original state!

How to Root Redmi 10X with Magisk?

There might be many ways of rooting Redmi 10X, but here I am going to write down only a single method, that is flashing Magisk installer zip using a custom recovery such as TWRP recovery.

How to Install Magisk on Redmi 10X using TWRP?

Once ready with the basics, follow the below instructions to install the Magisk installer zip file to root.

  • Unlock bootloader of Redmi 10X using the link given above
  • Install TWRP on Redmi 10X using the given link above
  • Download and copy the Magisk Installer zip file to your phone
  • Reboot the phone into TWRP recovery on Redmi 10X
    It is important to have a custom recovery on your Redmi 10X at this stage. The stock recovery does not have provision to flash the Magisk installer zip file.
  • To boot into the recovery mode, connect your phone to the PC, and execute the following command on your PC:
    adb reboot recovery

    Or you can power off the phone and then press and hold the Power button + Volume Up button to boot into the recovery mode.
  • If you have any PIN lock set on the phone then enter the same PIN on the TWRP (if it is asked) to decrypt the phone’s internal storage
  • Click Install > Select the Magisk zip file > Swipe to confirm flash

    Install Magisk installer zip using TWRP

  • Once done, reboot to system and you are done.

As a part of Magisk installation the Magisk Manager App should have been installed. If not installed for some reason, you can manually install the Magisk Manager APK manually.

The Magisk Manager App is used to manage supersu access, install Magisk modules, manipulate AVB and force encryption etc.

Magisk Manager rooting status

How to Uninstall Magisk or Remove Root from Redmi 10X?

If your phone is not booting even after a long time after installing Magisk, then most likely it is in bootloop state! So, boot into TWRP again and install the uninstaller zip file to completely remove the Magisk installation.

Download the Magisk Uninstaller zip file from the same Magisk download link provided above. Install the zip file the way you have installed the Installer zip file.

In this case you will end up without Magisk and a non-rooted Redmi 10X phone. If this happens, you can reply in with the scenario so that I can analyze and try to help you get the rooting done!

How to check if ROOT is enabled on Redmi 10X?

Install the ROOT checker app to verify if your phone is ROOTED or not.

  • Open the Root Checker app and then tap on the Verify Root Status
  • If asked, grant the permission to superuser request.
If Magisk is not installed properly then this grant pop up screen will not come instead root access failed message will be shown else a success message will appear.
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