GCam Port for INFINIX Phones | Google Camera Mod APK Download

If you get better quality or performance on a low budget price then why will anyone refuse it? GCam Port on Infinix is such an example. GCam a.k.a Google Camera is the camera application bundled on high-end Google Pixel phones which is now available for almost all Infinix phones.

GCam Port for Infinix Phones

What features make the GCam APK so good on Infinix?

You get features like HDR+, Portrait modeAstrophotography, Top Shot, Night Sight, fast shutter button etc.

Well, the GCam mod apk (or even the original one) has a lot of other features as well, which are listed below:

  • HDR+ (enhanced HDR) – [The rockstar feature of this camera]
  • Portrait Mode with better edge detection
  • Night Sight with better low light photography (available on 6.1.021 and later) – [Most OEMs carried this feature to implement on their cameras after Google Camera introduced this]
  • Night Sight on Portrait mode (8.2.204 and later)
  • Astrophotography feature (version 7.0.009 and later)
[su_note note_color=”#D7E3F4″ text_color=”#728095″ radius=”3″ class=”” id=””] [No other Camera app on Android has this specific feature at all, till now!] To find a good places to shoot in Astro mode, use the Light Pollution Map app
  • Video stabilization modes (version 8.1.101 and later)
  • Lens Blur: otherwise known as Object portrait mode
  • Integrated Google photos and Google lens
  • Frequent faces
  • Supports up to a 60X zoom (only on the GCam MOD)
  • 4k 60 FPS video recording
  • 8K video recording (version 8.8 onward)
  • RAW image capture
  • Cinematic pan (to create movie like effects)
  • Google Camera is designed to work only on Google Pixel and legacy Nexus phones by default and not on any Infinix phones. But, because of its unmatched image processing capabilities it has attracted more developers’ attention and users to port it for many phones which is known as GCam mod / port.

    Let’s have a look at the key features of Google Camera which makes it stand ahead of all other camera applications.

    Night Sight mode

    This is one of the major feature which is why the GCam is popular. Night Sight mode captures unbelievably more light on darker conditions than any other camera application available on Android.

    Below are some images captured in Google Camera Night Sight mode:
    [rl_gallery id=”103104″]

    Astrophotography Mode

    Available on Google Camera 7.0 or any later version, which is designed to work only in low light conditions to capture better and cleaner photos of the celestial bodies such as sky and stars. Astrophotography Mode works on Night Sight mode with long exposures to capture more light and a lot of information of the scene.

    Portrait mode

    Portrait mode is used to create bokeh or background blur effect. Usually this is created using a larger aperture lens in DSLR which is not possible in Mobile phones. This is the reason Mobile phones use a secondary camera to evaluate the depth by detecting the focused subject in image and creating a blur effect on the rest of the image which is out of focus.

    The biggest problem in this technique is detecting the edges of the subject in focus and out of focus where most of the camera applications fail. The portrait mode on Google Camera has an awesome edge detection algorithm which creates DSLR like natural bokeh effect there by making it the best in class camera application.

    Below are some images captured in Google Camera Portrait mode:
    [rl_gallery id=”103110″]

    HDR+ image processing

    Every image captured in HDR+ mode is processed out of multiple images with different exposures. This preserves much detail of the image captured and also creates a more contrast image. A better contrast image meaning not over or under exposed image unlike many camera applications.

    [su_note note_color=”#D8F1C6″ text_color=”#769958″ radius=”3″ class=”” id=””]

    Where to Download GCam port for Infinix phones?


    Well, if you have convinced by the brief explanation and some of the stunning images captured and want to try an available port of Google Camera on Infinix phone, then below is a list of available GCam port for specific Infinix phones.

    Google Camera APK for Infinix Phones

    Infinix Hot seriesCompatible GCam Port download
    Infinix Hot 9 PlayGCam for Infinix Hot 9 Play
    – for Android 10
    – Available Versions: Camera Go
    Infinix Hot 9 ProGCam for Infinix Hot 9 Pro
    – for Android 10
    – Available Versions: Camera Go
    Infinix Hot 10 / PlayDownload Link
    Infinix Hot 10sDownload Link
    Infinix Note seriesCompatible GCam Port download
    Infinix Note 7GCam for Infinix Note 7
    – Android 10
    – Available Versions: Camera Go
    Infinix Note 7 LiteGCam for Infinix Note 7 Lite
    – for Android 10
    – Available Versions: Camera Go
    Infinix Note 8Download Link
    Infinix Note 10 ProGCam for Infinix Note 10 Pro
    Infinix Smart seriesCompatible GCam Port download
    Infinix Smart 5Download Link
    Infinix Smart HD 2021Download Link
    Infinix Smart seriesCompatible GCam Port download
    Infinix Zero 8iDownload Link

    Requirement To Install Google Camera on Infinix devices

    [su_note note_color=”#D8F1C6″ text_color=”#769958″ radius=”3″ class=”” id=””]
    • TWRP recovery or RWRP Recovery or any custom recovery is needed to install the Camera2API.
    • Enable HAL3 to work with Camera2API to install Google Camera [Gcam]. [Camera2 API Enabler Download]
    • Download Gcam Apk from below link:
      [su_button url=”https://cyanogenmods.org/google-camera/#INFINIX” target=”self” style=”default” background=”#1BBC9B” color=”#FFFFFF” size=”5″ wide=”no” center=”no” radius=”auto” icon=”” icon_color=”#FFFFFF” text_shadow=”none” desc=”” download=”” onclick=”” rel=”” title=”” id=”” class=””]Google Camera Download For Infinix Devices[/su_button]

    How to Install Google Camera / GCam on Infinix Devices

    Now let us learn how the installation is done of Google camera in Infinix. I want to say that the Installing Google Camera from play store it does not will work. Play Sore gcam is only for Google Pixel Devices. So it is necessary to install camera2ApI. Now follow all the below steps attentively-

    1. Download the GCam port file for your Infinix from the above download link(s).
    2. To install apps from a third party app other than Play Store you need to enable app install from Unknown Sources on your Android device.
    3. For Android 10 or later version, enable Install Unknown Apps from the app from which you are going to install the APK file.
      1. For example: if you have downloaded the Google Camera apk file on Google chrome or firefox browser on your phone.
      2. Or you have downloaded and copied the apk file to the file browser and you want to install it from there.
    4. Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Open the app (Chrome, Firefox or file manager app etc) > Install unknown apps and enable Allow from this source
    5. See the below screenshots that enables to install unknown apps on Pie for Chrome app (you need to enable on the app from where you want to install the apk):Enable unknown sources to install app
    6. Once enabled, click on the downloaded app to install.
    7. Once installed you can clear the app data and open the app and enjoy the feature packed Google Camera APK on your Infinix phone.

    That’s all for now on GCam for Infinix phones. If you face any problem installing the Google Camera on your Infinix phone or you want Google camera for your Infinix phone which is not there in the list, then just login and leave a comment to get an instant reply back from me or other users.

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