How to ROOT HTC 10, Flash TWRP and S-off and also with Working Radio

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    Here is a hack for how to get HTC 10 and turn s-off if you want. With this you can ROOT your HTC 10 and also you won’t have to worry that you may loose Radio on HTC 10. Once the Data is wiped the Radio does not work on the HTC 10. So, after flashing SuperSu also the data will be wiped and there is a chance that you will loose Radio network on your HTC 10. Basically this is hack or a work around brought to you by developer Jcase, you must be thankful to him by the way.

    How to ROOT HTC 10

    Before proceeding further you may consider backup your all data. You are the only person doing changes to your phone and I cannot be held responsible for the mistakes done by you. Neither the developer nor we can be held responsible for any disaster that happens to your device.

    Things needed to ROOT HTC 10:

    HTC Sync Manager for HTC 10 USB drivers.
    – Unlocked bootloader on HTC 10. Here is a Step-by-Step guide to unlock bootloader on HTC 10.
    Latest SuperSu
    Latest TWRP
    – Enough Battery backup (75% or more will be fine) and a PC.
    – An SD card to take backup [MANDATORY].

    ADB and Fastboot Installation:
    15 Seconds ADB Installer for Windows
    Minimal ADB and Fastboot for Windows
    ADB Fastboot Installation guide for Linux and MAC

    Make sure that you have an SDcard to proceed otherwise this guide may not work.

    Step by Step guide for How to ROOT HTC 10:

    Before starting the ROOTING guide just go ahead and Charge your phone (if not charged) download and install HTC Sync Manager, SuperSU latest zip, download the TWRP, unlock the Bootloader and be ready with an SD Card or buy one if you don’t have. Seriously, buy an SD card if you want ROOT on your HTC 10 otherwise I strongly say that YOU MUST NOT PROCEED if you don’t have the SDCard.

    Before starting the HTC 10 rooting guide I will just summarize what are we going to do:
    – Flash TWRP custom recovery on HTC 10.
    – Take a backup, importantly of the System Image.
    – Install the SuperSU.
    – Install the System Image, because after SuperSU your data will have wiped and you might loose Radio network otherwise.
    – Boot the phone fully, then go to TWRP and flash the SuperSU again.

    If you are done with all these things then here goes what you have to:

    Flashing TWRP on HTC 10:

    – Reboot into download mode. Enter the following command on a console on your PC:

    adb reboot download

    – Flash TWRP by entering the following command:

    fastboot flash recovery <path-to-the-twrp-file>

    Take a backup of necessary partitions and images:

    – Reboot into aboot mode by entering the following command:

    fastboot reboot-bootloader

    – Select recovery and reboot into recovery.
    – Put an SDCard into the device to take backup of important files – MANDATORY.
    Run TWRP in read only mode, do a backup of all partitions EXCEPT for userdata and Recovery. This will be a full stock backup (except recovery). Make sure you backup “System Image” which is the MOST IMPORTANT part of this Guide.

    Install the SuperSu on HTC 10:

    – Reboot to bootloader with the following command:

    adb reboot bootloader

    then select “BOOT TO RECOVERY MODE”.
    – Then in TWRP select advanced, then sideload and execute the following command on a console to transfer and install SuperSU:

    adb sideload <path-to-supersu>

    Here comes the interesting part. If data gets formatted after flashing supersu, it will no longer be encrypted, and the radio may stop working on the HTC 10. This also true if you have unlocked the HTC 10 using Sunshine or you simply wiped data on HTC 10.

    How to enable Radio after data wipe on HTC 10:

    – Reflash “System Image” and “Boot partition” (Note that is not System but System Image).
    – Reboot the phone and wait till it boots fully. Booting will take much longer than usual as it is re-encrypting itself.
    – Reboot into TWRP recovery by executing the following command (Just in case if you are confused, No need to run TWRP in read only mode this time):

    adb reboot recovery

    – Then in TWRP select advanced, then sideload and execute the following command on a console to transfer and install SuperSU:

    adb sideload <path-to-supersu>

    Each time you wipe data you have to re-do these things until developers get some other way to fix. That’s all guys… If you face any problems rooting HTC 10 then do reply here.


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