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Mobile technology has grown and has reached almost every aspect of our life. We can get a mobile application for almost anything we want to accomplish in our daily life. Moreover, using a mobile application to maintain and create tasks is very convenient and easy to use, as it gives us access to everything we want from the comfort of our mobile phone. With the help of mobile applications, we can tweak any setting or changes we want to do via our smartphones from anywhere or anyplace.

Website Builder apps

Moreover, the Android OS share in the world in terms of usage is also huge in number. Besides, you don’t need a PC/Laptop in order to accomplish your tasks or do some changes. In this article, we will look at the top 5 best website building apps for Android that you can use to maintain, create and update your website on the go.

Top 5 Best Website Building Apps for Android

These apps have been personally used by me and I have listed these apps based on my experience. Let us now straight right into the article;

1. Weebly

Probably one of the most popular and used website creation engine available on the internet is the Weebly. The PC/Laptop version of Weebly is great but, the developers have put in a great effort in building its Android app as well. Main features of the Weebly Android application is that not only you can preview the mobile website but, it automatically creates your website into an optimized mobile site for you. Of course, some of the extreme settings cannot be performed via the Android app but, it lets you drag and drop function with the mobile editor application.

Weebly website builder app

Moreover, you can change the template, fonts, colors or add social media icons and more on the Android application. The interface is nice and is easy to use, plus you can do design changes right from the app itself. You also get insights about your website performance right on your mobile. Overall, a great mobile website builder and manager for Android.


2. Jimdo Creator

The great thing about this website creation tool or the whole website is that the templates or the presets available for mobile. This allows you to just drag-and-drop a few things here and there edit font and color, and you are all set. Moreover, you can create a new gallery, call-to-action buttons, add videos, and more. You can edit and crop all your images right from the Jimdo Creator Android application. If any new feature is available for the desktop version of this website then, it will be directly available for the mobile version as well.

Jimdo Creator Android app

Besides all of this, you can also check the insights of your already created websites and keep a track on its performance straight from the mobile application. Once, you are done with the editing or creation of your website, you can directly publish the website and you can see it optimized for mobiles, tablets or desktops straight away. Additionally, you get complete control over page elements, including URL, description, and page title, and more.


3. Strikingly – Build Websites from Your Phone

Another great way to create, edit and manage your website is the Strikingly application for Android. The app offers all the features you could find on the desktop version on its mobile application. You can do everything with the help of this app starting from creating a website, editing your already existing ones, upload photos, and videos, etc. The app has a clean and modern interface and lets you edit and manage your website very easily.

Strikingly website builder app

Moreover, this app allows you to publish directly your website. The published websites are optimized for tablets, mobiles, and desktop straight from the application automatically. Besides, you can also edit the fonts, the color schemes take control of the SEO, backend, etc. It also works as a site manager and insight provider so, that you can track the performance of your website. If you run an e-commerce website then, you can process fulfill orders straight from the app itself.


4. WordPress

Now how can one forget probably the most used website or blog builder, WordPress? Actually, I am writing this article on WordPress and it is the best I have worked up till now. What’s interesting is that WordPress has a mobile app that lets you create, manage or edit your own websites or blogs straight from the comfort of your mobile device. Moreover, you can upload photos or videos, change the templates, edit your already built blog or website or start from scratch.

WordPress Android application

This app provides a detailed insight into your website performance. You can track and check comments, reply to them, and see from which country you are getting more readers. Besides, you can also edit fonts, colors and all the other design related features straight from the application. Overall, in my opinion, the best website builder website as well as application.


5. Leia: Website Builder (Artificial Intelligence)

For me, it is the first website builder application I came across that uses Artificial Intelligence. The Leia website builder app is one of a kind application for mobile which lets you easily create, edit and design your very own website. With the help of the AI, it gets easier and you just need to answer a few questions and voila! your website is designed. Of course, you can ditch the AI questions and create your own website manually, but it is a great feature which I think with time, will get better.

Leia AI website builder application

The app developer claims that no two websites created by Leia application are the same. Moreover, there are so many customizations available that in total Leia is capable of producing over 1 centillion unique feature sets. The domain name plans are also cheap than any other websites which are quite interesting. A nice and must try app at least for once if you are looking to create your own website.



That’s it from my side in this article. Surely, nowadays, website building and running personal blogs is a new hot career profession many people are switching into. All of the above website builder applications are the best ways to get into the grove of website building and you must try each of them in order to understand what it takes in building a website or a blog. Please share your views in the comments section below.

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