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This is something really interesting, that I came across. Now, we all love taking selfies even if we admit it or not. Taking normal selfies are now slowly becoming a thing of the past now. There are numerous apps in the Android Play Store that gives us a huge number of filters and effects. But, in this article, I have compiled a list of apps that are fun and you can take really cool and funny selfies of yourselves with these apps.

Taking a selfie and adding a bit of fun is itself one of the best things. Moreover, these apps add that fun element to your selfie which other beauty filters and extra software makeup could not provide. Let us go straight into top 5 funny and creative selfie camera apps that surely gonna lift your mood.

Top 5 Creative Selfie Camera Apps

Note that you dont need a very high megapixel camera on your device to come up with funny selfies. Just take a normal shot and let these apps handle the rest.

1. NASA Selfies

Is there any better selfie then taking your self-portrait straight right in space. The quirky NASA Selfies app from Jet Propulsion Laboratory allows you to do just that, in a fun way. You just have to take a selfie and upload in this app. This app will then put your face into a virtual spacesuit. What’s interesting is the background that your selfies are put in. You will be placed in some of the mesmerizing space images.

NASA Selfies app

This app eliminates all the hustle and tussle you might have to face if you want to become an astronaut. You just need a self-portrait of yours and voila! you are a NASA Space Astronaut (virtually, of course). Moreover, this app was launched to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the launch of NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope. The collection of images also features the infrared images collected during the mission by the telescope.

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2. Morphin – CGI GIF Studio

This app is one of the most hilarious and the best apps if you want to create your funny CGI GIFS and videos. Morphin gives you a number of presets like the world famous Obama mic drop, or the famous cheers GIF by Leonardo DiCaprio from Great Gatsby. You just need to take a selfie and this app will turn your selfie into a CGI Obama or Leonardo in a matter of minutes.

You do not need to create a GIF of your selfie because Morphin app itself does that with the help of the CGI technology. There is no need to adjust your body shape, size or anything, the application will do it itself. There is no watermark in the GIFs that you create and you add caption from within the app. I personally use this application many times.

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3. Google Arts & Culture

This app comes from the house of Google itself. This application is fun + educational in the sense that whenever you upload your selfie, it tries to match with thousands of images stored in a museum from across the globe and returns the best matching photo to your face with details. Even if does not match your face, then also there is something new that you can learn about a painting hanging on the walls of a famous museum. You can know about the history of the painting, the painter of that painting, and more.

This Google application uses Computer Vision Technology and Machine learning in order to match your photo with the artworks from the museums across the world. A nice app to fiddle around with for fun.

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4. Unifie

Ever wondered if you could take a selfie with your friends, family members or your loved one who are a thousand miles away from you. The Unifie app lets you do exactly the same thing you wondered. It lets you take a selfie with anyone from anywhere in the world. It is a great app for people who are in a long distance relationship to stay close to each other via an image.

Moreover, this app also lets you do video calls with your loved ones and you can take a Unifie during the video call. You can also chat with your friends with this app and join two separate selfies into a Unifie. It is a good app that lets you unite yourself with your loved ones even if you are away from each other. You can share the photos across various platforms as well. A nice app indeed that takes the selfie game to the next level.

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5. Beard Photo Editor – Beard Cam Live

This app is for those who want to sport those classy Hollywood and Bollywood stars beard. We all know how much care we have to take in order to maintain a great, healthy beard (ask me!). This app lets you take a selfie and apply the beard in live cam. The app automatically detects your face and tries to perfectly add the selected beard style on point. It also offers you a photo editor that lets you add any beard style from the 45+ beard presets available within the application to any of your photo or selfie.

Beard Photo Editor - Beard Cam Live app

Beard Booth option provides the options to blend the beard perfectly with your images. Moreover, there are manual tools also to set lighting, coloring, contrast, saturation, and brightness. The beards look perfect and real because of the enhanced tools and Artificial Intelligence within the app. Besides this, the Perspective Matching is also actually really great. You can even share the beard selfie across various social media platforms within the app.

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There you have it from my side in this article. These apps are indeed great alternatives to the old and boring (at least in my opinion) selfie apps that features a lot of filters for beautification and props. Moreover, some of the apps are really innovative and they should be used at least for once. Please let us know in the comments below if you liked any of the apps and also do let us know if you have any other favorite app apart from those beautification and filter apps.

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