New Upcoming Features Confirmed for the Google Photos App

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Google Photos app will be seeing some new features that will be added to the Android app very soon. The Product Leader of Google Photos, David Lieb, on a twitter conversation asked the users for feedback about the Google Photos application. It was his way in knowing what all issues and problems, users are facing while using the Google Photos applications and what new features they would like to have in the application.

Moreover, this feedback session lasted for hours, and David himself confirmed some of the cool features that are officially confirmed by himself. So, in this post, we will be looking at the new upcoming features confirmed for the Google Photos app for Android. You can check out the tweet below by David Lieb before the feedback session started;

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New Upcoming Features Confirmed for the Google Photos App

So, without further ado, let us get straight into the article itself. Here is the list of new upcoming features confirmed for the Google Photos app.

1. Manual Tagging

We all know how obsessed Google is with AI and the same is going to come in the Google Photos application which is confirmed by the Product Leader himself. Moreover, Google’s ability to recognize faces and tag them automatically is nice but, is not up to the mark and accurate most of the times. Now, Google has confirmed that the users will be able to tag faces on the images manually with the future update. This will be more or less similar to the company’s earlier picture and images product, Picasa.

2. Auto re-upload photos in original quality

The Google Photos till now allowed the users to upload images in compressed quality with the Photo’s free unlimited. But, once you upgrade the storage capacity, these images are not automatically uploaded in high quality. In the feedback session, one user asked the Product Leader whether this feature could be a possibility and David Lieb has this to say;

We do not know whether “stay tuned” means that this feature will see the light of the day or not. We will have to wait and watch with the future developments in the Google Photos application.

3. Search for Recently Uploaded Photos

Recently uploaded photos in the Google Photos will be made possible. Lieb confirmed this that the company is already rolling out an update that will have this feature in it and will allow the users to search for the recently uploaded photos within the application. Moreover, this update will let the users edit and search for the recent photos without the need of going to a browser.

4. Edit Timestamps

Cameras automatically tag the images with date and time when they are taken. However, sometimes that is not accurate and you end up with wrong information about the image. This is not accurate in times when you scanned an old image or have to take a screenshot and you want the image to match the time and date to the original image when it was taken.

As you can see in the tweet below, it is confirmed that this feature will make its way to the Android version as well in future updates.

Many of you might know that this feature is available for the iOS version of the application. Moreover, this is also available for the WEB version as well. Out of context, sometimes I am forced to think that, why Google always has some features already available for the iOS version and very late, brings that to the Android version. Pretty, weird!

5. Deleting photos While Viewing them in an Album

This is probably one of the good features that will see the light in the future updates for the Google Photos application for Android. Till now, if you want to delete an image in an album, you need to exit the album and locate the image again in order to delete that photo. However, Lieb confirmed that this feature will be coming to the Android Google Photo app and you can easily delete the image while viewing them in an album.

6. Favorite an Item

On Android Google Photos application, there is no feature to add an image as a favorite in the Shared folder. However, this feature is there in the WEB version of the Google Photos. Moreover, this feature is confirmed by David Lieb himself, and you can out the below tweet;

7. Other Features That Might Come In Future Updates

Now, being a Samsung user, I know one feature that is pretty annoying for me. Whenever I take a screenshot, it automatically backs up in the Google Photos application. This is not the case with me, but with everyone using a Samsung smartphone. However, Lieb in a discussion confirmed that a fix is on works and we will see it in the near future. Moreover, other improvements like the native Photo Map, duplicate reduction, improved sharing options, Google Drive sync, local printing, YouTube-like video playback, and more were brought up and was acknowledged by Lieb.

Some users also pointed out features like detection of bad images like pocket shots, out of focus images and accidental screenshots and automatically forwarding them to the trash. However, there is no official timeline given to all the above features that have been confirmed and we will have to wait and see when these features arrive on the Google Photos application for Android.


So, there you have it from my side in this post. Hope you liked this post. Please do let us know in the comments below if you liked these features that will be included in the future updates for the Google Photos application. Also, do let us know your thoughts on these upcoming features and are you happy with these features and what all other features you might have asked or wanted from Google to include in this Google Photos application. Until the next post…Cheers!

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