LineageOS 18 Download for Supported Devices List

Unofficial LineageOS 18 is available for 80+ devices in first batch. This post will be updated with all the latest builds.
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April 01, 2021
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Android 11 has been released, which is the latest Android version! With that released, we also have the LineageOS 18 available for many devices which is based on Android 11.

As always we are the first to bring the latest LineageOS build for any Android phone built by the developers. In this list you will find LineageOS 18 builds for available devices. Right now, the list has almost 30+ devices, and as we move forward, the list will grow bigger with more number of LineageOS 18 builds for more number of devices.

LineageOS 18 Download

Before moving to download LineageOS 18 for your device, you may find the below useful points about the LineageOS 18 features and/or Android 11 features in general, plus some frequently asked questions.

LineageOS 18 FAQs

The LineageOS 18 is going to be the latest LineageOS build as of 2020. It has been the popular Android custom ROM ever since the CyanogenMod was made.

Based on different usability, below are some of the FAQs related to LineageOS 18.

When LineageOS 18 will be Available?

Android 11 has already been released and we also have LineageOS builds 18 for couple of devices.

LineageOS 18 is here! Of course, it may take time for the individual builds to come.

But, these are all unofficial builds! If you want to install only the official builds then here is a list of all LineageOS 18.1 builds available till now..

Will My Phone Get LineageOS 18 Update?

Probably the most awaited and relevant question for most of the users!

LineageOS 18 for a specific device is built by an individual developer unlike the official stock firmware that comes from the OEM itself. Because of this, the builds for different devices are very much scattered and not predictable which devices may have active developers to bring the LineageOS 18.

Many age old devices like Xiaomi Mi 3, Moto X Play etc. have got LineageOS 17.1 and other older LineageOS builds just because they all have some active developer(s) working towards.

So, it is not predictable to make a list of LineageOS 18 supported devices but You can use the past list of LineageOS 17.1 or the LineageOS 16 to get a basic idea.

And, of course, you can always leave a comment for us, so that we can actively look for an available LineageOS 18 or at least any other Android 11 custom ROM for your device.

LineageOS 18 for Supported devices

As of now there are only a handful number of LineageOS 18 builds available. As we will get to explore more, the list will grow bigger in near future.

Asus LineageOS 18 Download list

Zenfone Max Pro M1 (X00T) LineageOS 18 for Zenfone Max Pro M1
Zenfone Max Pro M2 (X01BD) LineageOS 18 for Zenfone Max Pro M2


Google LineageOS 18 Download list

Pixel 2 (walleye) Pixel 2 LineageOS 18
Pixel 2 XL (taimen) Pixel 2 XL LineageOS 18
Pixel 3 (blueline) Pixel 3 LineageOS 18
Pixel 3 XL (crosshatch) Pixel 3 XL LineageOS 18


HTC LineageOS 18 Download list

HTC 10 (pme) HTC 10 LineageOS 18 download
HTC Desire Eye (eyeul) HTC Desire Eye LineageOS 18
HTC One Max (t6) HTC One Max LineageOS 18
HTC U Ultra (oce) HTC U Ultra LineageOS 18


Lenovo LineageOS 18 Download list

Lenovo Z2 Plus (z2_plus) LineageOS 18 for Lenovo Z2 Plus


LG LineageOS 18 Download list

LG G7 ThinQ (judyln) LineageOS 18 for LG G7 ThinQ
LG V30 (h930) LineageOS 18 for LG V30
LG V40 ThinQ (judypn) LineageOS 18 for LG V40 ThinQ


Motorola LineageOS 18 Download list

Moto G3 (2015) (osprey) LineageOS 18 for Moto G3 (2015)
Moto G3 Turbo (merlin) LineageOS 18 for Moto G3 Turbo
Moto G4 Play (harpia) LineageOS 18 for Moto G4 Play


Nokia LineageOS 18 Download list

Nokia 6.1 (PL2) LineageOS 18 for Nokia 6.1


OnePlus LineageOS 18 Download list

OnePlus 2 (oneplus2) OnePlus 2 LineageOS 18
OnePlus 5 (cheeseburger) OnePlus 5 LineageOS 18
OnePlus 5T (dumpling) OnePlus 5T LineageOS 18
OnePlus 6 (enchilada) OnePlus 6 LineageOS 18
OnePlus 6T (fajita) OnePlus 6T LineageOS 18
OnePlus 7 Pro (guacamole) OnePlus 7 Pro LineageOS 18
OnePlus 7T Pro (hotdog) OnePlus 7T Pro LineageOS 18
OnePlus 8 Pro (instantnoodlep) OnePlus 8 Pro LineageOS 18 ROM
OnePlus 8T (kebab) OnePlus 8T LineageOS 18 ROM
OnePlus X (onyx) OnePlus X LineageOS 18 download


Realme LineageOS 18 Download list

Realme U1 (RMX1831) LineageOS 18 ROM for Realme U1
Realme X2 Pro (RMX1931) LineageOS 18 for Realme X2 Pro
Realme 3 Pro / X Lite (RMX1851) LineageOS 18 for Realme 3 Pro


Samsung LineageOS 18 Download list

Galaxy A30 (a30) LineageOS 18 ROM for Galaxy A30
Galaxy Note 5 (noblelte) LineageOS 18 for Galaxy Note 5
Galaxy S3 (i9300) LineageOS 18 for Galaxy S3
Galaxy S4 LTE-A (ks01ltexx) LineageOS 18 for Galaxy S4 LTE-A
Galaxy S5 (klte) LineageOS 18 for Galaxy S5
Galaxy S7 (herolte) LineageOS 18 for Galaxy S7
Galaxy S7 Edge (hero2lte) LineageOS 18 for Galaxy S7 Edge
Galaxy S10 (beyond1lte) LineageOS 18 for Galaxy S10
Galaxy S10+ (beyond2lte) LineageOS 18 for Galaxy S10 Plus
Galaxy S10e (beyond0lte) LineageOS 18 for Galaxy S10e


Sharp LineageOS 18 Download list

Sharp Aquos S2 LineageOS 18 for Sharp Aquos S2


Sony LineageOS 18 Download list

Xperia 10 (kirin) LineageOS 18 for Xperia 10
Xperia 10 Plus (mermaid) LineageOS 18 for Xperia 10 Plus
Xperia XA2 (pioneer) LineageOS 18 for Xperia XA2
Xperia XA2 Plus (voyager) LineageOS 18 for Xperia XA2 Plus
Xperia XA2 Ultra (dicovery) LineageOS 18 for Xperia XA2 Ultra
Xperia Z5 (sumire) LineageOS 18 for Xperia Z5


Wileyfox LineageOS 18 Download list

Wileyfox Swift (crackling) LineageOS 18 for Wileyfox Swift


Xiaomi LineageOS 18 Download list

Mi 3 / 4 (cancro) LineageOS 18 download for Mi 3 / 4
Mi 5 (gemini) LineageOS 18 for Mi 5
Mi 5s (capricorn) LineageOS 18 for Mi 5s
Mi 5s Plus (natrium) LineageOS 18 for Mi 5s
Mi 6 (sagit) Mi 6 LineageOS 18
Mi 9T Pro (raphael) Mi 9T Pro LineageOS 18
Mi 10 (umi) LineageOS 18 ROM for Mi 10
Mi 10 Pro (cmi) Mi 10 Pro LineageOS 18
Mi A1 (tissot) Mi A1 LineageOS 18
Mi A2 Lite (daisy) Mi A2 Lite LineageOS 18 Download
Mi A3 (laurel_sprout) Mi A3 LineageOS 18 Download
Mi Mix 2 (chiron) Mi Mix 2 LineageOS 18
Mi Mix 2s (polaris) Mi Mix 2s LineageOS 18 download
Mi Max (hydrogen) Mi Max LineageOS 18
Mi Max Prime (helium) Mi Max Prime LineageOS 18
Mi Pad 4 / Plus (clover) Mi Pad 4 / Plus LineageOS 18
Poco F1 (beryllium) Poco F1 LineageOS 18 Download
Poco M2 Pro (gram) Poco M2 Pro LineageOS 18
Poco X3 NFC (surya) Poco X3 LineageOS 18
Redmi 1s (armani) Redmi 1s LineageOS 18 ROM
Redmi 3s (land) Redmi 3s LineageOS 18
Redmi 4A (rolex) Redmi 4A LineageOS 18 ROM
Redmi 5 (rosy) Redmi 5 LineageOS 18
Redmi 5 Plus (vince) LineageOS 18 for Redmi 5 Plus
Redmi K20 Pro (raphael) Redmi K20 Pro LineageOS 18
Redmi Note 5 (vince) LineageOS 18 for Redmi Note 5
Redmi Note 5 Pro (whyred) LineageOS 18 for Redmi Note 5 Pro
Redmi Note 6 Pro (twolip) LineageOS 18 for Redmi Note 6 Pro
Redmi Note 7 (lavender) LineageOS 18 for Redmi Note 7
Redmi Note 7 Pro (violet) LineageOS 18 for Redmi Note 7 Pro
Redmi Note 9S (curtana) LineageOS 18 for Redmi Note 9S
Redmi Note 9 Pro (curtana, joyeuse) LineageOS 18 for Redmi Note 9 Pro (Indian and Global variant)
Redmi Note 9 Pro Max (excalibur) LineageOS 18 for Redmi Note 9 Pro Max
Redmi S2 / Y2 (ysl) LineageOS 18 Downlaod for Redmi S2 / Y2


Zuk LineageOS 18 Download list

Zuk Z2 (z2_plus) LineageOS 18 for Zuk Z2


This is a very initial list of LineageOS 18 builds. This list will have more devices as the builds will come from various developers. If you won’t find your device in the above list, you may consider looking into older android updates or may have to wait a little longer.

Add-on Downloads

After downloading the latest LineageOS 18, you might be interested in one of the following useful apps or mods for your device!

GApps for LineageOS 18

By default there is no GApps (Google applications) included in any of the LineageOS 18 build. So, it must be installed after installing the ROM build. Here is how to install GApps on LineageOS 18.

LineageOS 18 Rooting

As of now Magisk is the only rooting script available for Android 11. You can visit this Android 11 rooting guide to root LineageOS 18 build on your phone.

Google Camera for LineageOS 18

With the Android 11 update the Google Camera or GCam was also updated to version 7.0 and later.
You can grab the same for your device from the below list of GCam that contains a huge list of compatible Google Camera for all available devices.

What if there is no LineageOS 18 update?

Well, it is highly likely that the LineageOS 18 is not available for many phones initially. In that case, you can have a look on other Android 11 custom ROMs or an older custom ROMs based on older Android versions.

Android 11 downloads

Android 10 downloads

Android Pie downloads

Android Oreo downloads

That’s all on this LineageOS 18 downloads list. If you have not found your device in the list then either you can try searching for other Android 11 ROM or other legace Android ROMs. Otherwise you can always leave a comment with your device model name so that I can search and bring it for you.

19 comments on "LineageOS 18 Download for Supported Devices List"

  1. Freach says:

    Mi 10T lite pls

  2. user says:

    redmi 4x please

  3. Eds says:

    Galaxy A9pro(2016)- SM-A910F please, need pie or above.

  4. Marco says:

    What about Realme 5 (RMX1911)? The unofficial LineageOS 17 isn’t available anymore, either (broken download link) :-(

    Being stuck :-(

  5. Marothu Srinivas says:

    Samsung M31 ???

  6. Guillermo says:

    ¿Alguien me puede confirmar si esta ROM permite configurar la grabación de todas las llamadas de forma nativa?


  7. Isauris says:

    Hay una actualización 18.0 para el s9 plus

  8. Isauris says:

    Hay una actualización 18.0 para el s9 plus

  9. Sanyam says:

    Is there Lineage 18.1 for Redmi 2 prime/2s? I could find 1s and 3s but not mine.

  10. icx says:

    How is it possible that my phone has LOS 18 available here, but 17.1 only on device page?

  11. Максим says:

    на ZTE Nubia Z17 будет ли LOS 18?

  12. Alexander Waibel says:

    Hallo guten Tag
    Ich würde gerne erfahren ob ich mit dem Samsung Galaxy s5 neo SM-G903F ein Update auf Android 11 erhalten werde..?
    Ich habe derzeit das 17.1 Lineage OS
    Ich würde mich freuen eine positive Rückmeldung zu erhalten Danke..!

  13. @Padelis and @Carlos
    We will look after this to find a Lineage 18 build for S6 and S6+ but cannot commit on the ETA.

  14. Padelis says:

    Hi from Thassos island in Greece and thank you for everything.It would be great if one day we could have lineage 18 on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ plus.Now thanks to developer Ripee we have Lineage 17.1 on that old smartphone.So we would be glad to hear the good news.Thank you again and keep up the good work!

  15. CARLOS says:

    Galaxy S6?

  16. gio says:

    Galaxy A31 ? =(

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