How to install Motrix download manager on Ubuntu?

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Motrix is a free and open-source fully featured download manager which supports downloading HTTP, FTP, BitTorrent, Magnet, etc. It offers a simple, clean and intuitive user interface.

Motrix is cross-platform software so you can install it on different operating systems including Windows, Linux, macOS, etc.

In this article, I will discuss how to install and use the Motrix download manager on Ubuntu Linux.

Features of Motrix

The key features of the Motrix download manager are –

  • Free and opensource
  • Simple and clean user interface
  • Support BitTorrent and Magenet links
  • Update tracker list automatically
  • UPnP & NAT-PMP Port Mapping
  • Multiple files simultaneously download
  • Multilingual support

How to install Motrix on Ubuntu

There are multiple ways using which you can install Motrix download manager on Ubuntu. Now use one of the given methods to install it on your system.

Installing Motrix using deb package

Go to the Github release page of Motrix and click on Motrix_1.6.11_amd64.deb to download.

download page

Alternatively, you can copy the download link and download the motrix by using the given command in your terminal –


Note: At the time of writing this article the latest version of Motrix is 1.6.11 always check for new releases here.

Once the Motrix deb package is downloaded, use the following command to install it on your system –

sudo dpkg -i Motrix_1.6.11_amd64.deb

If it displays any dependency error then use –

sudo apt-get install -f

Installing Motrix using Snap

Motrix is also available on Snap you can install it on your Ubuntu system by using the given command –

sudo snap install motrix

Installing Motrix AppImage

The AppImage is a universal software package format that runs on most Linux systems without installation. You can download the Motrix AppImage package by clicking on Motrix-1.6.11.AppImage on its release page on Github.

OR alternatively, you can copy the link and download it by using the given command in your terminal –


Once the AppImage package is downloaded make it executable by using the given command –

sudo chmod +x Motrix-1.6.11.AppImage

Run the application from your terminal by using –


This will launch the Motrix on your system.

Open Motrix on Ubuntu

Once the installation is completed you can search and launch Motrix from Ubuntu’s activities dashboard.

launch motrix

You can see the user interface of Motrix in the image below.

user interface motrix


I hope you have successfully installed the Motrix download manager on your Ubuntu system. Now if you have a query or feedback then write us in the comments below.

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