How to delete queued files in FileZilla?

Filezilla is a free, opensource, and cross-platform FTP application. It is widely used for transferring files from the local system to the remote server or downloading files from remote to the local system.

When you start transferring files using Filezilla those files are first gets queued and then start uploading one by one. Now after few files gets transffered and you don’t want further upload the queued files, new user generally close the application without clearing this queue.

The problem arises when next time you start uploading files first previously queued files will be uploaded and then the files that you want to upload. This article will help you to clear or delete queued files in the FileZilla application.

Steps to delete the queued files from FileZilla

To delete the queued file follow the steps below –

  • First, open the FileZilla application
  • Click on Edit given in the menu bar.
  • This will show you a dropdown menu click on Clear private data.
  • A dialog box will appear, here mark the transfer queue and you could mark site manager, quick connect history or reconnect information if you want.
  • Now click on Ok

The queued files are now cleared you can add new files to upload.

How to clear the queue while stopping file transfer

When files are transferring and you want to stop the transfer and clear the queue then follow the given steps –

  • At the bottom of the Filezilla, click on the Queued files
  • When queued files are displayed right-click on them and click on Stop and remove all
  • The file transfer will be stopped and queued files will be cleared.

Ok, that’s all for now if you face any difficulty then write us in the comments below.

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