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    This is an UNOFFICIAL Canvas Nitro CM13 (CyanogenMod 13, Marshmallow ROM)has arrived which has basic things working and can be flashed for daily use but still its in BETA stage and definitely contains some bugs. So, please have my words of CAUTION before flashing this ROM. Please see the below list of working and non-working list of features on this ROM. In addition, we also have the Canvas Nitro LineageOS 13 brought for users. This unofficial CyanogenMod 13 for Micromax Nitro A310/A311 is brought to you by bravonova. For more CM13 ROM updates and OFFICIAL update of canvas Nitro A310/A311 CM13, you can have a look on the big CyanogenMod 13 devices list.

    Micromax Canvas Nitro A310/A311 CM13 (CyanogenMod 13) Marshmallow Custom ROM

    Installing custom ROM requires a custom recovery to be installed on your device, which will VOID your warranty and may delete all your data. Neither the developer nor cyanogenmods can be held responsible for the consequences of installing this ROM. Understand that YOU are the ONLY PERSON making changes to your phone and you should do a research before going for flashing.

    Known Issues for A310
    – VPN is not working.
    – GPS does not work on Device Only mode.
    – Can’t switch between 3G and 2G on SIM 1.
    – YouTube app unable play more than 360p video. See at the end of this post for the YouTube fix.

    Working features list
    – Everything else not in KNOWN ISSUES list


    files needed to install Canvas Nitro A310/A311 CM13 Marshmallow ROM:

    Installing Micromax Canvas Nitro A310/A311 CM13 (CyanogenMod 13) Marshmallow Custom ROM:

    STEP 1:

    Download the CyanogenMod 13 ROM, Google Apps and Copy these zip file to your phone memory (By using a USB cable or via adb push command).

    STEP 2:

    Reboot your phone into recovery mode.
    Or if you have a PC in hand with USB drivers installed for your phone and fastboot binaries installed, then connect your phone to the PC and type the following command on the command prompt to enter into recovery mode:

    $ adb reboot recovery
    STEP 3:

    Wipe cache partition, system partition, dalvik cache and data partition.

    If you don’t know how to do this then here is how to wipe data using TWRP recovery.

    This will delete all your data on your phone. You may consider backing up your phone data or take a nandroid backup. Here is how to take NANDROID backup using TWRP recovery.

    STEP 4:

    Install the ROM, then install the GApps package without rebooting the phone in-between. Let the ROM flash and then reboot.
    For A310 users, again boot into recovery and then flash the A310 Patch.

    The flashing may take a while, so wait patiently. After flashing, reboot your phone, configure the initial setup and enjoy the beauty of CyanogenMod 13 ROM on your Micromx Nitro A310 / A311 phone. After this CyanogenMod 13 ROM installation you may want to enable ROOT access on your phone and here is how you can do that:
    How to Enable ROOT Access on CyanogenMod 13

    Fix for the YouTube 1080p playback

    – Install Latest Youtube App. Open it and see any video (one you know it should be 1080p available but it’s stuck at 360p).
    – Navigate to /data/data/com.google.android.youtube/shared_prefs (use any explorer with root permission). If you have not yet enabled root on CM13 then here is how to enable root access on CM13 ROM.
    – Open youtube.xml file present in the directory.

    <boolean name=”h264_main_profile_supported6.0.1″ value=”false” />

    Replace to:
    <boolean name=”h264_main_profile_supported6.0.1″ value=”true” />
    Save the file and then enjoy 1080p video playback on YouTube app.


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