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    Looking to download Android Marshmallow GApps for Lineage OS 13, CyanogenMod 13 or CM13 or any custom ROM?? Here is the Marshmallow GApps for Lineage OS 13, CM13, CyanogenMod 13 or any other Android Marshmallow ROM.

    Android being an Open Source Project is free to use by anybody but the underlying Application are not. Android is owned and developed by Google and hence it delivers all the google made Applications such as: Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps and many others.

    It was back in 2009 during the development of CyanogenMod 4.1 Google sent a letter to Steve Kondik (Co-founder of CyanogenMod) to remove all the Google Applications from CyanogenMod after market Android firmware and hence after that the Google Apps are available separately. Wanna read more on this then here is link on Wikipedia on this matter.

    This fact started from CyanogenMod because it was the most popular or to be true this was the only Ccustom ROM available during that time and post that all other Custom ROMs too follow the same trend of keeping not only Google Apps but any proprietary applications outside the Custom ROM build. You need these GApps primarily for a CM13/CyanogenMod 13 Marshmallow 6.0 ROM, all other ROMs those are built on top of CyanogenMod ROM such as: Resurrection Remix Marshmallow ROM, AOKP Marshmallow ROM and you need these Marshmallow GApps (Google Apps) packages even on Marshmallow based AOSP Custom ROMs like: Omni ROM, Paranoid Android Marshmallow ROM etc.



    Widely used Gapps is from which is available in the following: pico, nano, micro, mini, full, stock, super and aroma variants. The basic difference among all is the availability of Google Applications and the size.
    – Starting from pico GApps version, it will have some basic GApps like the Play Store and Google setup but not more than that. Using the Play Store you can download all other Google Apps easily of your choice. In terms of size this will be the smallest possible package which occupies 115MB.
    – Similarly the Aroma GApps contains all available Google Applications and is of size 802MB.

    Download the particular Google Apps which is more suitable for your device and data plan.

    If the above GApps does not work for the Marshmallow ROM or CyanogenMod 13 or CM13 ROM or any ROM, then you can try one of the following available GApps package:
    Banks Dynamic GApps:
    Download link to Bank Dynamic Marshmallow GApps
    DeltaDroid GApps:
    Download link to Delta Marshmallow GApps
    PureNexus Dynamic GApps:
    Download link to PureNexus Dynamic Marshmallow GApps
    Slim Marshmallow GApps:
    Download link to Slim Marshmallow GApps

    These are all recovery flashable zip packages, which means you can install these GApps packages using custom recoveries like TWRP, CWM, Cyanogengen or PhilZ recovery. Here is guide explaining How to flash GApps using TWRP recovery

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