Ultracam GCam 8.1

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Ultracam GCam 8.1

This is a GCam port of base version 8.1.101 (based on Arnova GCam 8.1) and build version v8 (latest) which is built by UltraM8.

Build date: February 2021

Changelog of GCam 8.1.101 V1 by UltraM8:

  • Based on Arnova's 8.1.101
  • Custom config based on pixel5 & 6
  • Fully optimized for both average & sum binning
  • Fully uncompressed processing for dng & jpeg
  • Turned on some unreleased pixel6 features
  • Forced high quality processing for denoise, awb & edge detection
  • Extended processing buffers (might be unnecessary, experimental)
  • Attempted to reverse proprietary pixel keys to fallback to Qualcomm ones (experimental)
  • Increased number of frames per payload stack up to 50 (used in high quality number of frames with dropdown buttons)
  • Added qc bracketing to support shasta algorithm
  • Added several custom noise models (thx savitar, sixarmedpriest & mevlut)
  • Added OEM Noise Model switch to RamPatcher for those who dont have custom noise models in "Noise Model Config" section
  • Removed embedded pixel DCP for DNG (thx Savitar)
  • Decreased downscale during calculations
  • Redid sabre shader
  • more ...

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