Shamim SGCam 9.0

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This is a GCam port of the base version 9.0.115 and SGCam version BETA_V2 (latest) which is built by developer Shamim.

Build date: September 2023

Changelog of GCam 9.0.115.xx.37_BETA by Shamim:


  • Fixed few reported bugs.
  • Added fixations for few devices.
  • Optimized logs and more few things.


  • All preferences including developer settings are added.
  • Many modification codes has written newly.
  • Added support for Android 11+ and many more. Just download and check that out.

Known BUG:

  • Video mode black vf.


  • Thanks to Amazing world and Ali for making a great way to restore decrypted strings. Thanks @bigkaka for extracting Library offset and portrait fix hex address from library and thanks to all testers who tested.


Supported devices:

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  • Create Date September 18, 2023

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