Nikita GCam Port 7.4

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Nikita GCam Port 7.4

This is a GCam port of the base version 7.4.104 and build version v1.1 ported by Nikita.

This Google Camera build came on July, 2020.

Changelog of GCam port 7.4.104 NGCam build version v2.0:

  • Final version
  • Added isDefaultsLite device config by default
  • Added new icons and styles
  • Changed Etalon7+ lib to NR57W15T17 (Thanks UserX)
  • Updated translations (Thanks Contributors)
  • Fixed and improved Pixel Binning viewfinder button
  • Fixed AUX video crash, need enabled restart first (Thanks tigr)

Changelog of GCam port 7.4.104 NGCam build version v1.1:

  • Added app restart when changing settings (Thanks PitbulL)
  • Fixed settings issue with some devices
  • Added viewfinder maximum brightness
  • Added exposure time
  • Added portrait zoom which works for Main and Front
  • Added semi-working astrophotography support for OnePlus 5/5T
  • Updated Social Share apps with Telegram X and some others
  • Added Frequent Faces for OnePlus 5/5T
  • Fixed slowmo for some devices
  • Other changes

Changelog of version v1.0:

  • Initial release (Big thanks to BSG for GCam 7.4 base and Arnova8G2 for additional OnePlus fixes)
  • Disabled sabre, fixed black spot and some other stuff to make it work on OP5/5T
  • Added HALs (Big thanks to Arnova8G2)
  • Fixed exif info (Thanks Arnova8G2)
  • Added support for more phones (Thanks Arnova8G2)
  • Added XML Configs support
  • Added third-party gallery support
  • Added HDR+ Enhanced frames
  • Added Exposure Compensation for Main and Front
  • Added AWB and HDR+ model settings for Main and Front
  • Added force JPEG Format toggle (Thanks Arnova8G2)
  • Added Sabre toggle (Thanks PitbulL)
  • Added toggle to Disable Hexagon DSP
  • Added video bitrate
  • Added Portraits Folder
  • Some other small changes

This Google Camera is reportedly working on:

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