cstark27 Google Camera 7.2.014 PXv4.1

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This is a GCam / Google Camera APK port of 7.2.014 build version PXv4.1 ported by cstark27.

This Google Camera APK build was published on November, 2019.

To get all mods of GCam 7.2, visit the Google Camera 7.2 page which will always be updated with the latest official GCam 7.2 build and also other 7.2 mods from all other modders: cstark27, BSG, Arnova8G2, parrot043 etc.

Changelog of the GCam APK 7.2.014 cstark27 build version PXv4.1:

This version works on Android 10 only.

  • Adjusted SRZ Always On toggle and added Forced Merge Method option, to fix quality issues with certain devices. Forced Merge Method is not recommended and may degrade quality on some devices in certain high contrast scenes.
  • Enabled horizon level
  • Manipulate Non-ZSL Frame Count setting to allow up to 45 frames (more is not always better though)
  • "Tone Curve" added to Lib Patcher settings to adjust contrast/highlights/shadows (click Tap Here to Learn More for help)
  • Fix face warping bug on rear camera
  • Code cleanup and preferences cleanup

This GCam / Google Camera APK is reported to be working on:

Other Google Camera Downloads:

  • GCam for Android (The huge list that contains working GCam ports for all available phones)
  • Version
  • Download 219
  • File Size 74.71 MB
  • Create Date January 24, 2023

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