YouTube Music ReVanced APK + MOD (Premium, No ADS) v18.20.39

YouTube Music ReVanced Mod APK is a modified version that includes features such as Background Playback, Ad-Free content, SponsorBlock, Return YouTube Dislike, and others.

About Youtube Music ReVanced

The famous MOD version of YouTube Music!

ReVanced, not Vanced

You can see a lot of information about both YouTube Music ReVanced and YouTube Vanced. But actually these are 2 completely different applications in terms of development. YouTube Music ReVanced is a YouTube mod application, so is YouTube Vanced. But these two apps belong to two completely independent development teams, unrelated in terms of personnel.

However, in terms of users, most people rate YouTube Music ReVanced and YouTube Vanced almost the same in all features. Up to now, YouTube Music ReVanced is still operating and developing, and YouTube Vanced has been discontinued.

YouTube Music ReVanced, the Mod version is loved by many people

YouTube is the most popular video platform today, but like every other powerful application, YouTube cannot avoid some inconveniences and disadvantages in the process of using it, especially on mobile platforms with the limitation of memory and capacity.

Several MOD versions of YouTube were therefore born to further solve some of the limitations of the original YouTube. One of the mods that are quite popular with users today is YouTube Music ReVanced.

Compared to other YouTube MOD apps, YouTube Music ReVanced is quite prominent. Because both bring the ability to run videos in the background and block ads and also add the feature of zooming in and out of the screen or forcing the resolution, there are more screen themes suitable for any conditions… Although there are not too many new features, implementing them in a focused, complete, and timely manner has helped YouTube Music ReVanced create a lot of sympathy among users.

Watch YouTube videos while doing many other things on mobile, tablet

The strongest additional feature of YouTube Music ReVanced is the ability to display video playback in the background, something that the original YouTube has not been able to do so far and causes many obstacles for viewers.

The ability to run in the background of YouTube Music ReVanced is strong, and fluent and does not cause any lag, or screen jumping during YouTube video viewing. With this power, you can both open and watch YouTube videos and do many other tasks simultaneously on the same mobile screen without fear of stopping or having to press tabs to switch back and forth complicatedly. This simultaneous performance of watching movies and other tasks ensures a more seamless workflow while keeping your video/music viewing experience at the highest level.

Specifically, YouTube Music ReVanced will help you open the screen by watching YouTube music/movies running in the background while still reading news, replying to messages, checking mail, and surfing Facebook. Even if the device screen is locked, the application will still run, meaning you can continue to watch YouTube movies/music normally.

Block ads

Not only playing videos in the background, but YouTube Music ReVanced also has an equally powerful Ad Blocking feature. From now on, when you watch any content from YouTube, you no longer have to worry about being interrupted or disturbed by tons of ads.

For serious viewers or movie addicts, studying YouTube clips, this is a great solution to the problem of uncontrolled advertising from the original YouTube.

When you install YouTube Music ReVanced on your device, it will always be in Ad Blocking mode by default. You can optionally turn on or feature (which usually no one turns off such a great thing).

Customize the screen size and force resolution

No longer tied to YouTube’s original screen, when using YouTube Music ReVanced, you can customize your video viewing screen in different ways: pinch to zoom out, drag 2 fingers to zoom in, y as you usually do with images.

YouTube Music ReVanced also can help force the maximum resolution. You can expect to see videos at their best even under unstable Internet conditions but expect even up to 4K if you’re using an HD display.

If you often travel or work in places with intermittent Internet sources, this feature will be very useful.

In addition, YouTube Music ReVanced also adds some small features that improve YouTube’s flexibility during use. Like with White, Black, and Dark themes, allowing finger slide to adjust brightness and volume, add Loop feature. These extra features are small but also help a lot in the process of watching YouTube music/movies.

MOD APK version of YouTube Music ReVanced

MOD features

  • Premium Unlocked
  • No ADS

How to install YouTube Music ReVanced on your phone?

  • First, you need to install MicroG.
  • Then, open the app and install YouTube Music ReVanced via MicroG.
  • Sign in to YouTube Music ReVanced through your Google account and use.

Buffering Error Fix: Open Settings>Revanced Extended> Miscellaneous > Enable Protobuf Spoof (On or Off and restart app) try it to fix buffering issue

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