WifiList Mod APK Download v1.3.0

Are you tired of struggling to find the best Wi-Fi networks or constantly dealing with slow connections? Say goodbye to Wi-Fi woes with WifiList APK for Android!

This powerful app revolutionizes the way you manage and optimize your Wi-Fi experience, providing you with the tools you need to find, connect to, and optimize Wi-Fi networks with ease.

App nameWifiList
Latest version1.3.0
Mod infoPaid App
Original App urlPlay Store link
Last updated1 day ago

WifiList Mod Details

The Mod APK version of the WifiList APK brings you the following additions:

  • Paid app for free

Where to Download WifiList Mod APK file?

The latest version of the WifiList Mod apk is v1.3.0 which can be downloaded in the below link.

How to Install WifiList App (Mod) on Android?

  1. Download the WifiList mod apk from the below download link(s).
  2. Install the Split APK installer app and then install this APK using that. (or) follow the below instructions
  3. To install apps from a third party app other than Play Store you need to enable app install from Unknown Sources on your Android device.
  4. To do that go to Settings and search the word unknown
    • For Android Nougat or lower version click on Unknown sources and enable that setting.
    • Enable Unknown apps on Android Nougat and lower
    • Enable Unknown apps on Android Oreo and later
    • For Android Oreo or Pie version, enable Install Unknown Apps from the app from which you are going to install the Google Camera APK.
      1. For example: if you have downloaded the Google Camera apk file on Google chrome or firefox browser on your phone.
      2. Or you have downloaded and copied the apk file to the file browser and you want to install it from there.
  5. Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Open the app (Chrome, Firefox or file manager app etc) > Install unknown apps and enable Allow from this source
  6. See the below screenshots that enables to install unknown apps on Oreo for Chrome app (you need to enable on the app from where you want to install the apk):
    Enable unknown sources to install app
  7. Once enabled, click on the downloaded app to install.

About WifiList APK

WifiList APK is a must-have utility app for Android users, designed to simplify the process of discovering and managing Wi-Fi networks. Whether you’re at home, work, or on the go, WifiList empowers you to find the best available Wi-Fi connections, troubleshoot network issues, and optimize your Wi-Fi settings for maximum performance.

Features of WifiList App for Android

  1. Network Discovery: Scan for available Wi-Fi networks in your vicinity and view essential information such as signal strength, encryption type, and network speed.
  2. Signal Strength Meter: Determine the strength of Wi-Fi signals in real-time using WifiList’s intuitive signal strength meter, helping you identify the best networks for seamless connectivity.
  3. Network Optimization: Optimize your Wi-Fi settings for improved performance and reliability, including adjusting channel settings, optimizing signal strength, and prioritizing networks based on speed and stability.
  4. Network Security: Identify potential security risks and vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi networks, such as weak encryption or unauthorized access points, and take steps to secure your connection and protect your data.
  5. Speed Test: Conduct speed tests on available Wi-Fi networks to measure download and upload speeds, latency, and packet loss, helping you identify network bottlenecks and performance issues.
  6. Network History: Keep track of your Wi-Fi usage history, including networks you’ve connected to, signal strength over time, and data usage, allowing you to monitor and manage your network connections effectively.

Tips for Using WifiList APK on Android

  1. Regular Scans: Perform regular scans for available Wi-Fi networks to ensure you’re always connected to the best available option, especially when traveling or in densely populated areas.
  2. Optimize Settings: Experiment with different Wi-Fi settings and configurations to find the optimal setup for your device and network environment, such as adjusting channel settings, enabling band steering, or prioritizing 5GHz networks.
  3. Monitor Network Usage: Keep an eye on your network usage and data consumption to avoid exceeding your data limits or encountering unexpected charges, especially when connected to public Wi-Fi networks or using mobile hotspots.
  4. Stay Secure: Take steps to secure your Wi-Fi connection and protect your personal information from potential threats and attacks, such as using strong encryption, enabling firewall protection, and avoiding unsecured networks.


WifiList APK for Android offers a comprehensive solution for managing and optimizing your Wi-Fi connections, empowering you to enjoy faster speeds, stronger signals, and more reliable connectivity wherever you go.

Ready to take control of your Wi-Fi experience? Download the WifiList APK for Android today and unlock the full potential of your wireless network!

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