[ubuntu] Unable to Mount Network Drive

I did have a similar thread a few weeks back but find myself in the same situation again.

Raspberry pi set up as an NAS server. I don’t think it is specific to raspberry pi and feel it may be a more general Linux question so I’ll try again.. The model is a Pi 3 B+ that I never found a use for so I took a couple of old USB drives and hooked them up using a guide from PiMyLifeup (samba). I tinkered with the first installation so many times and couldn’t get to work with my Ubuntu Cinnamon laptop that I just reinstalled and it worked. But only for a short period of time and now find myself denied. All Windows machines have no issue accessing.

I am trying to log in as “pi” with the correct username/password combo. My samba.conf info is below. I did try and add a line at one time to force=pi but had no luck. Any ideas? Wish I was more of a Linux veteran but after 20+ years I have made the permanent switch and I’m not going back.

Thanks for looking!

[HomeServer] path = /media/pi/SimpleDrive
create mask=0777
directory mask=0777


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