Top 5 Recycle Bin Apps for Android in 2019

We are humans and we have a tendency to commit a mistake and then get emotional about it. The same is the case while using a smartphone. While most of the error while using a smartphone can be rectified but, there are some very important ones from which you may never recover. Yes, I am talking about accidentally deleting photos, document or any other important file from your smartphone. There are many instances, which I also went through, were due to hurry or overlooking, I have accidentally deleted files that were very important to me.

Moreover, there was no way to get them back as there were hardly any recycle bin application or official app that stores deleted files. That is when I discovered such recycle bin apps that give you a second chance to get back those accidentally deleted files from your smartphone. Besides, in this article, we will be looking at the top 5 recycle bin apps for Android in 2019. These apps definitely are good storage for deleted files and it is the need of the hour as we are bound to make mistakes every now and then.

So, without further ado, let us get straight into the article;

Top 5 Recycle Bin Apps for Android in 2019

1. Recycle Master

The Recycle Master application can be your recycle bin for your smartphone. This app as the name suggests, stores all your deleted photos and files and gives you one last opportunity to save or recover them. Moreover, you can recover any of the deleted files any time without worrying about losing them. Besides, you can lock the recycle bin app with a password. Now, this comes handy when you have willingly deleted some private files to the recycle bin that you don’t want others to see.

Recycle Bin app

After adding the password, you or anyone handling your phone will need the password to go through the application. Other features of the application include that it allows you to effortlessly backup your deleted photos or videos automatically, instantly retrieve your pictures, documents and any type of files, and releases your device space automatically. Moreover, the app supports almost any kind of file and you can recover them with just one tap. However, there is one great feature of the app called the “Deep Recovery”. What this feature does is that it allows the user to locate and search for missing files from their internal storage.

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2. Dumpster

Hands down, Dumpster is one of the most popular recycle bin app for Android smartphone. It has crossed over 20 million downloads. This recycle-bin application is easy to use, and quick to recover your accidentally deleted photos or files. Besides, you can recover any type of deleted file within a few seconds. Moreover, you can also sync the Dumpster app with cloud storage. This ensures that all your deleted files are safe with the application.

One of the best features of the app is that you can use this application without needing an internet connection. This app supports over 14 languages and also supports auto clean feature. Moreover, you can safeguard all your files in the Dumpster app with the in-built app lock. However, this feature is available with the premium version which you need to purchase. Besides, the app also features customization options like themes and designs. You can also backup accidentally deleted applications as well. With the premium version of the app, you get cloud storage, no ads and app lock functionality.

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3. DiskDigger

DiskDigger is another popular and most used recycle bin application for Android. It is fairly easy to use and the interface also very intuitive. Moreover, it adds more functionality if you have a rooted smartphone. However, the app also works flawlessly on non-rooted smartphones as well. You can recover deleted images or any files from your microSD or internal storage easily.

DiskDigger Recycle Bin app

One advantage of using this application on a rooted smartphone is that it will deep scan your device. This allows you to search for missing files as well. Moreover, you can share your recovered files via email or upload them to cloud storage. The DiskDigger app also has a Wipe Free Space feature so that unnecessary deleted files can be wiped off. Besides, once you are done with recovering your images or files, with just tap of a button you can get rid of unwanted files and free up your space. One more feature is the Clean Up button that permanently deletes all your files in the application. So, use that button very wisely.

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4. File Commander

Now, the File Commander application is not a dedicated recycle bin app. It is a full-fledged file manager that allows you to manage, handle, and manipulate any type of file on your device. It has a very clean and intuitive interface and you will get a hang of the app with the word go. You can do functions rename, delete, move, zip, convert and send files with just a few taps. The File Converter feature of this application is very powerful and it can handle 1200 types of conversion very easily.

Moreover, you can secure your files by encrypting them, and the File Commander app also supports cloud storage. However, if you go a step further by buying the premium version of the app, you will get a feature loaded Recycle Bin as well. The Recycle Bin function of the app can easily handle any type of file. You can recover any deleted file with this feature. But, one downside is that it can recover only deleted files that are done within the app.

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5. dr.fone – Recovery & Transfer

Probably, you would have heard about dr.fone as it is very popular for recovery and other software solutions. It is developed by Wondershare Software. It is touted to be the best recovery and transfer application for Android. You can recover almost any type of file ranging from photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes, call logs and more. Moreover, it is so powerful that it lets you recover your files from cached data as well. You do not need to root your device to use the feature of the app.

However, one advanced feature of the app is the Deep recovery. For using this, you need to use this app with the desktop version. Deep Recovery function offers more data loss scenarios, like accidentally deleted data, rooting errors, OS update, system crash, etc. Moreover, you can perform recovery of recover photos, videos, contacts, messaging, call logs, Audio, document, WhatsApp messages & attachment. I have tested this app and let me tell you it does have a high recovery rate than most of the recycle bin applications.

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So, there you have it from my side in this article. Hope you liked this post of top 5 recycle bin apps for Android in 2019 and find these recycle bin apps useful. Please let us know in the comments if you found any of the above-mentioned app useful or if you have another application that you want to feature in this list.

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