Top 5 Ebook Reading Applications for Android

Smartphones have seeped into our lives and for almost every task, we use our smartphones to accomplish it. Moreover, technology has played a huge role in this evolvement and made very positive impacts on our lives. Smartphone screens have now come a long way from being a 480p screen to up to 4K resolution (the Sony Xperia 1). Not only the resolution but, the overall image processing, output, and the other dynamic settings have changed so much that we can get the sharpest images like that of a costly OLED TV on our device. Besides, OLED, AMOLED, POLED, etc screens are now a standard on smartphones these days.

The display quality along with its size has also improved. Previously, people did not like the fact of having a big screen on their mobile screen. However, gone are those days as 6-inch has now become the standard size for the display on smartphones these days. We are also getting bezel-less smartphones, in my opinion, is a right step towards achieving the true bezel-less design but, its implementation is not that I am a fan of. Putting the front modules on a motorized hinge and part is what I am against. You can check out my detailed article in the below link.

Are the Pop-Up Cameras our Answer to Bezel-less Smartphones: My Opinions

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But, we are not here to talk about the bezel-less design. We are here to talk about the productivity we can get out of a bezel-less smartphone. Anyone who likes to read now has tons and plenty of sources from which they can read any of their favorite books digitally. You can download them, store them in your smartphone and read them anywhere you want. These digital copies of the books are called e-books. With e-books, you do not need to carry any physical copy of the book or have a bookshelf for it. They are right there in your smartphone you can download, read, delete it anytime you want. But there are 100s of ebook reader apps on the play store and to eliminate your hassle, I have compiled a list of top 5 ebook reading applications for Android. So, without further ado, let us get straight into the article;

Top 5 Ebook Reading Applications for Android

1. ReadEra (Premium)

The first one on the list is the ReadEra application which is available for free and does not contain any ads or any in-app purchases to enjoy its full features. You can download any ebook in almost any formats as it supports PDF, EPUB, WORD (DOC, DOCX, RTF), MOBI, FB2, DJVU, TXT and CHM formats. You can read any of the ebooks in the mentioned formats very easily and in offline as well. This ebook reader is fast and contains no annoying stuff and lets you read in complete concentration and moreover, it also does not require you to signup for anything and you can read unlimited without any limits.

ReadEra Ebook Reader

The app interface is simple, clean and gives you right controls for tweaking like PDF margin cropping, split double-page view, single column view, FB2 reader lets you read ebooks in zip format directly, automatic detection of books in the library, and more. The collection tool allows you to manage all your ebooks in one place and sort them category wise as well. You can navigate via the contents of the ebook as well. Moreover, this app also supports multi-read mode which allows you to read two different books simultaneously in split screen mode.

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2. eBoox

The eBoox application is a nice, simple yet modern ebook reader available on Android. This ebook reader is available for free and lets you read the most popular formats very easily on your device. Moreover, you can also read the FB2 zip formats directly within the application itself. The app also does not feature any annoying ads and shows you all the downloaded ebooks on the home screen of the application.

eboox reader application

Other features of the app include optimal reading settings and added a night mode, instant page loading, download books to the reader quickly and easily, new convenient and cute interface, catalogs in different languages, sync your files to read books in all your Android devices, support team that hears its users. The major formats that the eboox app supports are fb2, epub, doc, docx, mobi, prc, txt, rtf, odt, html, cbr, cbz, and zip and rar ebook formats as well. Moreover, you can highlight texts on multiple pages, turn pages like a real book, etc are some of the cool features of the application.

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3. eReader Prestigio

The eReader Prestigio is available for free to download but offers in-app purchases and contains ads. but, it does have some great features that make it worth your download. This ebook reader is multilingual, multi-format text and audio books reading app that supports over 25 languages and an in-app library of book contents to download from. The app also supports the text-to-speech which makes your smartphone read aloud any of the downloaded books in this app for you. You can read almost any ebook formats ranging from epub, HTML, fb2,, txt, pdf, mobi, epub3, djvu, and multiple other text and audiobook formats.

The app also features material design which makes it modern and classy, has various shelf themes for your book library, has an in-built dictionary, scan and search option, multiple font and other customizations, night mode to read books at low light settings, sort books based on genre author, etc categories, a file manager, and more. If you create a MyPrestigio account, you can also avail features like book purchase vouchers, wish list, synchronizes across devices, keep books in the Prestegio cloud, etc.

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4. Media365 Book Reader

Another worthy ebook reader is the Media365 Book Reader which is developed by Media365 Inc. It gives you a long list of the free online catalog of ebooks to choose from almost all the categories. You can read all your ebooks in EPUB, PDF formats in a very rich and modern user interface. Moreover, you can download an ebook in your language as well. One great feature of the application is that you can publish your own ebook to the world with the help of this app. This will allows you to read as well as take your passion for writing to another level. Besides, you can share all your downloaded ebooks via different social media networks.

Other features include page flipping with animations, slide transitions, intuitive and fast navigation, multiple font types and sizes, brightness adjustment, and page orientation settings, night reading mode. search within your eBook for specific phrases or words, bookmark pages, highlight text or leave notes for later use, and support of 18 languages. The premium version of the app allows you to convert over 50 different formats, use Text-to-Speech, password protection for specific books in your library, create direct shortcuts to books on your home screen.

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5. Amazon Kindle

Last but not least is the Amazon Kindle application. Moreover, Amazon has a dedication device for readers which goes by the same name and is dedicated only for true ebook readers. Likewise, this application is also one of the most popular applications when it comes to ebook reading experience on smartphones. This app is available for free to download yet it contains ads. It features millions of ebooks to download from different category and genres as well. Almost any ebook you can find on the Amazon Kindle library.

Amazon Kindle ebook reader

The application has a built-in dictionary, download sample ebooks before you buy them, support of Google and Wikipedia as well. You can as well sort your ebooks into different categories in your Amazon bookshelf. The app also lets you synchronize all your ebooks across various devices seamlessly and easily. Amazon Kindle is a smart little ebook reading app, which will even adjust the background and everything else to keep you most comfortable during the reading hours. Moreover, you can also download audiobooks to listen to your favorite book hands-free.

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So, there you have it from my side in this article. Hope that you guys liked this article. There are many other ebook readers that you might interesting or has more features than the above-listed ones. Please feel free to mention those apps in the comments section and also let us know which app from the above list you liked the most. I have compiled this list by seeing some of the parameters and these are the apps that fit the best. Moreover, other applications are also there with plenty of features so, let us know in the comments below.

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