Top 5 Best Lockscreen Replacement Apps for Android 2019

As smartphones have evolved, so are its features and functionality. We can see so many great in-built options as well as third-party customization options that allow us to customize our device that way we want. There are tons of wallpaper, and themes applications, that offer us great quality content. We are never devoid of good skins or themes for our device and we can have our device customized the way we like. What has more evolved is the lock screens on our mobile phones.

Moreover, lock screens have become a very important part of our smartphone life as they not only are made for keeping a nice wallpaper of yourselves or any other but, provides a quick glance into the notifications from different applications and sources. You can also respond or interact with the notification on the lock screen itself. This gives us more flexibility and offers more productivity when we are on the go and don’t have time to open up the device and then the application to go around and deal with all of the notifications.

While the lock screen on stock Google Android OS is clean, there are other manufacturers native skins like Samsung’s One UI, Oxygen OS of OnePlus, MIUI of Xioami/Redmi devices, EMUI of Huawei, etc that adds a bit more detail to their lock screens. As there are numerous applications for any genre in the Play Store, the same as in the case for lock screen apps. You can customize it, increase its efficiency and productivity and make it truly your own. So, in this article, we will be looking at the top 5 best lock screen replacement applications for Android.

Let us get straight into the article itself;

Top 5 Best Lockscreen Replacement Apps for Android 2019

1. AcDisplay

One of the best ways to utilize the lock screen is the AcDisplay application. What I love about this application is the minimal and black look of the lockscreen. It imitates the Always On Display but, with a twist that you can set it as your lock screen as well. The lock screen shows you all the notifications that arrive on your device in a minimal and black background that also will not consume much battery. Moreover, you can open up the apps for the notifications have arrived, directly from the lock screen.

What’s more interesting is that it also features an Active Mode, that is similar to the Ambient Display we get on our smartphones today. This means that this application can wake up and show you all the notifications whenever your device is picked up or the display is faced towards you. Take your phone out of your pocket and without a tap, see all your notifications in this beautiful minimal lock screen. Other features of the app include great performance stability, inactive hours (to save some battery.), you can also enable it only while charging, blacklist, dynamic background, low-priority notifications and much more.

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2. Semper

Now the Semper application is a bit different from all the lock screen applications that we have on the Play Store. This is a very productive application that acts like a lock screen as well as the vocabulary guide for you. Moreover, you can also learn a language instead of spending hours on any dedicated application and go straight into the learning mode from the lock screen itself. There will always be something new whenever you unlock your phone which makes it interesting.

It is also officially powered by Quizlet, that gives you timely vocab quizzes on various popular languages. Besides, you can also choose a topic of your interest and Semper will show you curated questions based on your topic of interest. However, the lock screen plugin is available from within the app itself and you have to download it separately. But, it is something unique and nice to have so much information sharing on the lock screen. It also lets you change the background, offers four icons on the lock screen for shortcuts and also handles notification pretty nicely.

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3. LokLok

A nice and interesting lock screen application for your device is the LokLok. This application lets you go creative and do doodles and artwork straight into your lock screen. Moreover, you can also share all the doodles or artwork right from the lock screen itself. Besides, you can drag the lock screen upwards to unlock and get into your device. And, if you want to get into the creative mode then tap on the screen to times to start doodling on your lock screen. A nice and fun way to utilize your lock screen with the LokLok application.

What’s more interesting is that you can sync your lock screen with your friends and family and whenever someone changes their lock screen it will automatically update on everyone’s device. This comes handy when you want to send a message to anyone as you can leave a note on your lock screen and it will be shared with everyone on your group. It is a nice application for artists or casual doodlers as it allows you to share your artwork straight from the lock screen and also adds the functionality of sharing in sync with the members of the group. You can change the background, enable and disable notifications.

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4. Gesture Lock Screen

As the name implies, the Gesture Lock Screen application lets you unlock your lock screen using gesture patterns. You can set any gesture drawing as your lock screen passcode and gives you more security. Moreover, you can also set PIN, fingerprint or password to get through to your phone with this application. The Gesture Lock Screen application also handles the notifications pretty well and shows you all of your notifications upfront. Besides, you can also customize your lock screen by changing the unlock background, unlock animation, lock delay, lock sounds and much more. The app also has a nice feature which is called the Intruder Selfie mode which takes a selfie of the person who tries to unlock your device who entered wrong gestures or passwords.

This intruder selfie will be sent to your email address and a notification will also pop up. It also shows details like show intruder notification on unlocking, show date and time on intruder photos, custom intruder wrong attempts, and view/open/change intruder selfie folder. In terms of notifications is can handle them well by offering show unread messages, missed calls, music player, alarm and more notifications on the lock screen, hide sensitive notification content, single/double tap notification to draw gesture to unlock and view details, custom notification background, and text color, and change notification’s size and position.

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5. Super Locker

Super Locker is a very small sized (only 4.5MB) lock screen application that is more inclined to provide safety to your device. The app lock can also lock application like WhatsApp or Facebook and protect you from your privacy invasion. You can lock almost any of the application with a PIN or password or even fingerprint. The app also offers customization for your lock screen. You can set HD wallpapers according to your taste and liking. Moreover, the lock screen also offers you details regarding the weather, music and much more.

You can also protect your device with PIN, password or Fingerprint for security. There is a Smart notification feature within the application that only allows notification to show up on your lock screen that matters. The app also has a memory cleaner and battery saver as well to add a bit more functionality. It also allows you to quickly toggle quick setting from the lock screen itself via the control center. The weather information is based on the location you are in and it provides details like wind direction, humidity, visibility, and sunrise/sunset time if available.

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So, there you have it from my side in this article. Hope you liked this article as I have tried to take the lock screen game to the next step by not providing you with simple and boring lock screen applications. Almost all the apps are free in this list so it won’t hurt to at least try them out and test their functionality and what they bring to the table. Please let us know in the comments which application you liked the most or if you have any of your personal favorite application that you want to feature in this list, please do share with us.

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