How to unroot HTC Wildfire S

Find yourself in a jam and need to unroot your Virgin Mobile / T-Mobile HTC Wildfire S? Maybe you decided that you need to upgrade and then re-root your HTC Wildfire S. Maybe you decided that you wanted to try it out and ended up deciding that you didn’t need it and want to go back. Maybe you’ve got forced Virgin Mobile / T-Mobile OTA updates that fail because your device is rooted and your buddy didn’t want to help you out. Well not to worry, the Android Source is here to help you out. The list below represents the best guides from around the net to unroot your device in any case the need arises. We are always looking for great guides so if you find a guide to unroot this device and it’s not listed then reply to this thread and we’ll be sure to add it. Remember we here at the Android Source want to help so if you’ve got a question then don’t be shy and ask, we’d love to help. As always, use these unroot guides at your own risk. Neither myself, nor are responsible should anything happen to your device. Have Fun!

How to unroot the HTC Wildfire S:

Download and install unlockroot23.exe from the Unlock root website.
Go to settings > applications > development and enable USB Debugging.
Connect your phone to PC using USB cable. Keep your phone switched on.
Click on unroot.
UnlockRoot application will detect your device and will indicate it on screen to confirm with the current operating system version.
Confirm the selection and wait for around 10 minutes.

You have successfully unrooted your Wildfire S.

Above mentioned procedure is tested and works perfectly fine, owners should use this procedure at their own risk.

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