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In the era of custom ui Xiaomi is owning since the very first build of MIUI 9. MIUI 9 was the very first from the Xiaomi which has got a lot of affection amongst the users. The journey of the Xiaomi from MIUI 9 to MIUI 11 was petty good, In fact, the MIUI 11 developers are optimizing the features and stability of the MIUI software so far. The first global stable update of MIUI has rolled out on 22 October 2019. Now the users can download MIUI 11 from our this unofficial MIUI download hub.

MIUI 11 ui currently ensue the neat and clean ui of Android 9 (Pie). However, The MIUI 11 also contains a lot of new features for Xiaomi Users and this could be the only reason for attracting the users towards it. MIUI 11 has done an improvement from MIUI 10 and this was a delightful update for what the users were looking for. So, MIUI 11 rom is perfect and it has all the advantages? No, MIUI 11 ROMs still contain many ads and this is the most annoying issue for most of the users. However, Xiaomi has announced before MIUI 11 launcher that they are focusing on the optimization, user experience and MIUI 11 software would contain less advertisement and compare to MIUI 10. But honestly, I don’t think so that the Xiaomi has compromised with the advertisements in MIUI 11, but if I talk about the user experience and optimization, Xiaomi really did a good job in this section.

If your device is not updated with the MIUI 11 latest version then you should install the latest build for your device. here, we have made a vast list of MIUI latest version rom downloads. You can search your device from the below list and download the MIUI 11 recovery rom and MIUI 11 fastboot rom as well. So, let’s move towards the MIUI 11 downloads and have a look on the popular MIUI 11 Features.

Features of MIUI 11 Rom

Android Pie Notifications Bar – Xiaomi has considered about the below android 9 (pie) users while developing MIUI 11. MIUI 11 notification bar is pretty similar as android 9 (pie), So, every MIUI 11 user would get the Android 9 (Pie) experience.

  1. Dark Mode – MIUI 11 ROMs supports the most demanded dark mode now. You can enable dark mode either from the notification bar or from the settings. Even you can also schedule the automatic time for enabling the dark mode.[rl_gallery id=”108479″]
  2. Gaming Turbo – Your gaming experience is going to be super with MIUI 11 builds. MIUI 11 now supports the inbuilt game booster. This game booster supports game DND, you can restrict some features while gaming. Memory exception feature is also available in MIUI 11 game booster, just select the apps in exceptions and these apps would be removed from the memory automatically to enhance the gaming experience.[rl_gallery id=”108480″]
  3. Quick Replies – This MIUI feature is helpful a lot for chatting purposes. This feature is especially avilable for chatting applications such as – Whatsapp, WeChat etc. Now, you don’t need to miss the chattings even ff you are busy on your phone then you can use this feature to do both the tasks simultaneously.
  4. Second Space – You can create the second space in your device and you can swith to them accordingly. This MIUI 11 feature is introduced to protect your privacy and it is absolutely risk-free to use.
  5. Recent – Now in MIUI 11 recent look is pretty neat and clean even you will get 4 sortcut features for now – Cleaner, Security scan, Find Apps and manage apps.
  6. Themes –  MIUI theme store contains lot of themes, each and every theme is free to use. You don’t need to buy any premium theme the only struggle you need to do is to watch the full ad video before downloading any premium theme from store.
[su_note note_color=”#D7E3F4″ text_color=”#728095″ radius=”3″ class=”” id=””] Some Extra changes and features of MIUI 11 –

  • UI is completely changed
  • Always on display
  • Notification light changes
  • Screen personalization
  • Quick Replies
  • Gaming toolbox 2.0
  • Dialer app changes
  • Screen cast
  • Dark mode scheduling
  • New font MILan Pro
  • New animations
  • Message app changes
  • Browser changes
  • Notch display feature

Where to Download MIUI 11 ROM for your Phone?

We have sorted the lists according to the variants. Just browser your device from below and download MIUI 11 latest version ROM For your device.

MIUI ROM Download For Xiaomi Redmi Devices

[su_note note_color=”#D8F1C6″ text_color=”#769958″ radius=”3″ class=”” id=””] MIUI 11 ROM Download For Xiaomi Mi Devices
[/su_note] [table id=259 /] [su_note note_color=”#D8F1C6″ text_color=”#769958″ radius=”3″ class=”” id=””] MIUI 11 ROM Download For Xiaomi Redmi Devices –
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How to Install MIUI 11 on a Xiaomi Phone?

A MIUI ROM is available in two variants such as fastboot ROM and recovery ROM and can be installed using fastboot method or recovery method respectively. Based on your MIUI 11 ROM download type you can use one of the installation guide.

Recovery method to Install MIUI 11

  1. Download the MIUI ROM for your device from the above download links.
  2. Download and copy the MIUI ROM zip file to the phone’s internal storage and copy it inside a folder name: “downloaded_rom”. (If the directory is not present then create it.)
    It is not mandatory to create the directory, but it’s easy to find the zip file while browsing.
  3. Open the Settings > About Phone > System Updates on your Xiaomi Phone/Tablet.
  4. Then Click the three-dot (menu) at top right corner of the screen and Select the “Choose update package“.
  5. Browse and Select the downloaded MIUI ROM file from your device’s storage.

Fastboot method to Install MIUI 11

  1. Download and install the MiFlash Utility for Windows OS
  2. Download the Fastboot MIUI ROM zip file from the above download links and unzip (extract the files) it.
  3. Put your phone/tablet into fastboot mode. (Power off the device. Press and hold both the Power button and the Volume Down button)
  4. Open the MiFlash utility, Click on browse and then select the unzipped MIUI Fastboot ROM directory.
  5. First click on the Refresh button, which should automatically recognize your Xiaomi device.
  6. Now click on the Flash button on the MiFlash utility.

The Update process will start automatically. Wait until the Status bar shows “The operation completed successfully”, which means the MIUI 11 ROM has been installed successfully on your Xiaomi phone. After that the phone should automatically boot to the new version.

That’s all on updating to MIUI 11. In case you face any problem you can always leave a comment so that someone can come forward to help you.

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