Integrated Smart Array Controller, Tape Drives, and Linux

The Integrated Smart Array Controller, also known as ROC (Raid on a Chip), is often on a daughterboard that may be inserted or removed from the system board. This converts the internal SCSI to RAID. This array controller uses the cpqarray driver.

Even though the ROC supports raid on one channel and a tape drive on the other, the driver in linux (cpqarray) does not yet support tape drives. In a system with a ROC chip where you want to perform raid on hard drives and also have a tape backup, there are two solutions:

  1. Remove the ROC chip and install a Compaq Smart Array PCI controller to support the hard drives and leave the integrated SCSI to support the tape drive.
  2. Leave the ROC chip in place, let it control the hard drives with raid, install a Compaq SCSI controller to support the tape drive.

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