How to Use ifconfig to set MAC address in Linux, Unix, FreeBSD etc.

Linux has a built-in command ifconfig that is used to configure wired network interfaces. In this article I am going to give the example commands to setup MAC address manually.

How to Setup MAC address using ifcofig:

Use the below commands in sequence to setup the MAC address on your Linux or Unix or BSD machine.
I am assuming eth0 is the ethernet link on your machine. You can use the below command to see all interfaces present on the machine:
ifconfig -a
Once you fogure out the actual interface name you can replace it with eth0 and proceed using the other commands.

ifconfig eth0 up
ifconfig eth0
ifconfig eth0 hw ether 00:99:27:90:B4:22
ifconfig eth0 down
ifconfig eth0 hw ether 00:99:27:90:B4:22
ifup eth0

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